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Who Is My Rapper Daddy?

Rosco Dash's daughter

This little cutie is the daughter of a Southern rapper who has made several recent hits. Keep reading to find out who he is. Continue »

Mariah Carey To Donate “Dictator Dollars” She Earned Entertaining Gadhafi

Mariah Carey

Like BeyBey and Nelly Furtado before her, Mariah Carey has changed her tune about money she earned singing for Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Continue »

Can You Imagine Cancer Away? This Oscar Winner Did

David Seidler The Kings Speech Screenplay writer

73-year-old David Seidler, who won an award at this year’s Oscars for penning the screenplay for The King’s Speech credits his IMAGINATION for curing his bladder cancer. Continue »

Bey Bey: I Already Donated My Gadhafi Pay Check To Haiti So… Kiss My Cakes!

Beyonce Donates Gadhafi Money to Haiti

The other day, Nelly Furtado announced that she would be donating the payment she received for performing for Gadhafi. Media outlets have been putting the spotlight on other celebrities like Beyonce, Mariah and Usher who have also performed for the dictator, wanting them to give the money back or donate it to charity.

Beyonce’s camp doesn’t take kindly to the star being thrown under the bus Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: D. Wade Loves The Kids Too

Bron Bron wasn’t the only Miami Heat who took advantage of all the money in L.A. during All-Star Weekend to raise awareness to a good cause. Continue »

Some Morning Preciousness: Little Willow Does Regular Kid Stuff With Regular Kids

Willow Smith kids' skating event

Aww! We love to see slightly overworked little people have a do some good and have a good time… even if it’s still technically work. Continue »

What Will Become Of Bieber’s Locks???

Justin Bieber new haircut

Now that the haircut of the decade has rocked the lives of Beliebers everywhere, we know some of you are wondering what this means to the fate of the world in general. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Shaunie O’Neal & Brandy Host A-List Charity Shopping Event

Trina Shaunie O'Neal

Brandy and ‘Basketball Wife’ Shaunie O’Neal hosted a celebrity shopping event at L.A.’s Louis Vuitton Store on Rodeo Drive this weekend, bringing together stars for a cause. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit: The Two Kings Edition

Jay-Z Lebron James Boys & Girls Club Event

King Hov and King James were on deck to unveil the new gym at the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles yesterday. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Mississippi Woman Honored For Shaping Up The Fattest State In The Country

linda fondren

Listen up America: Linda Fondren is on a mission to reshape Mississippi. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Usher Peddles Liquor To Fight AIDS

Usher Belvedere Red

Usher has just signed on as the new face of Belvedere. And they want him to do some good for his money. Continue »

A “Lil REAL Positivity” Wake Forest Coach Steps In To “Assist” His Player With A Kidney Transplant

Wow, how many coaches in the NCAA you think would do this for one of THEIR players? Continue »