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15 Of The Saddest Music Videos Ever Made

Aaron Hall

They kind of put a damper on the song, but these were good videos nonetheless.

Remember Us??? Guy Is Back In The Studio Recording A New Album

Guy Teddy Riley Aaron Hall Damion Hall

Guy is back! Teddy Riley is currently in the studio with his New Jack City cohorts Aaron and Damien Hall and Bossip has a picture. Continue »

Aaron Hall: The Dream Is Too Fat, Kudos To Trey Songz For Copying R. Kelly’s Style But Can’t Nobody Touch My Vocals!!!!

Aaron Hall

Ol’ school R&B sensation Aaron Hall felt the need to share his thoughts on today’s music. Let’s be real… he was talking cash sh*zzz about The Dream fat assets and his marital extracurricular activities, Trey Songz and R. Kelly.

After this little rant, don’t be surprised if Aaron Hall gets a comeback reality show:

SMH @ Aaron Hall’s bottom teeth.

Remember Me???

Anybody wonder what ever became of R&B sensation Aaron Hall? Flip the hood to see his new gig. Continue »


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