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Boyfriend Arrested For Beautiful Teacher’s Murder: Held On Other Charges And Mugshot Says “Guilty” [Video]

It’s obvious he didn’t eat anything last night in the pokie.

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Former Georgia Tech Football Star Charged With Keeping 13-Year Old Son In Basement For 2-Years (Has 10-Kids) [Video]

“Mean Dad” here has been running a compound… having 10 kids!?
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Watch Woman Wiggle Out Her Handcuffs And Grub On Bag Of Confiscated Dank! [Video]

Isn’t dozier legal now?

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Young “Mom” Arrested After Leaving 4-Kids At Trailer Home To Party With Landlord… While Pregnant With Her 5th Kid! [Video]

Talk about “Trash?” Peep how the landlord started cleaning up once them cameras popped up…

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Slizzard Or Nah? Sean John Prez Busted For DWI, Claims He Was Not Intoxicated

The 2014 Skating With The Stars

Let’s see if he can Diddy bop his way out of this. Continue »


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