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This Woman Hid Two Knives And A Bottle Of Pills In Her…What?!

woman hiding knives

We understand the need to be creative with your contraband, but this is a little much. Continue »

Serena’s Stalker Has Been Popped By One-Time…

Patenema Ouedraogo

We knew those cakes would turn somebody into a Serena stalker! Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: One-Time Seizes Over 1,000 Pot Plants But Get Caught Slippin’ By Thieves

british cop poses with weed

This sounds like a Guy Ritchie movie waiting to happen. Continue »

Man Dresses In Cow Costume, Steals 26 Gallons Of Milk From Grocery Store

man in cow suit

A man dressed up in a cow suit and stole 26 gallons of milk from a Northern Virginia Wal-Mart according to local police. Continue »

Busted: Anti-Marijuana Politician Popped For Smoking Weed

robert watson weed

When will these politicians learn that they can’t hide anything these days? Continue »


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