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Jesus Take The Wheel: Father Murders 3-Month-Old Infant By Slamming Child Repeatedly Onto Pavement

Quindell Sherman is charged with murder in the death of his 3-month-old son Jayden Mitchell

This is just horrific. A young father in Columbus, Ohio has been arrested for killing his infant son by throwing him on the ground repeatedly and dragging him through the neighborhood before standing on the body inside of a dumpster. Continue »

MTV Teen Mom Facing Charges For Baby Daddy Abuse

amber portwood

SMH… First teen motherhood, now this! 20 year-old MTV “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood looks like she is headed toward life as a felon — especially since the evidence is plain for all to see. Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Crazy Broad Tries To Slice Tattoo Of Her Name Off Her Boyfriend’s Neck

tressa amerson ronald miner

This is comedy:

Following an argument with her boyfriend, a knife-wielding Nebraska woman allegedly attempted to cut off a tattoo of her name from the man’s neck, cops charge. Continue »

Convicted Sex Offender Popped For Assaulting Student… They Should’ve Locked His Azz Up And Thrown Away The Key!

Elliot Lawrence

A New York college student suffered an unspeakable crime last week, that might have been prevented if only convicted sex offenders were more closely monitored or given heavier sentences! Continue »

Bolitics As Usual: County Executive Jack B. Johnson Gets Popped For Getting His Thug On Properly In Prince George County

He thinks he’s Clay Davis, Marlo Stansfield…but he probably never thought the heat was gonna come down on his a** like THIS! Continue »

Google Is Gettin Drug Dealers Pinched! Aint That About A B*tch!

This sh*t is a story that you might think is straight out of ‘The Wire’, but the picture you are looking at was taken from a Google Street View car as it rode around Brooklyn getting images for the search engines map/world imaging service. Continue »

When T.I. Gets Out The Big House He Won’t Even Be Able To Take A Sh*t Outside Georgia Without Asking For Permission First!

The Pursuit of Freedom

Dayuuum… The State of Georgia must be sick of T.I.’s probation violating azz! The terms of “The Inmate”‘s year-long post release probation forbid him from driving a car, owning anything destructive and leaving the state for more than a week! Continue »

Stop The Fu*kin Violence: Four Young Punks Beat Teenager To Death At Houseparty

This young man’s name is Bobby Tillman. He was 18 years old and he lived in Douglasville, Georgia. Late Saturday night he was beaten and stomped to death by 4 cowards. Read the sad story after the jump. Continue »

EFF A Thug: Kids In Iran Locked Up For Illegal Rap, Using ‘Improper Grammar’

Iran rap arrests

Fawk that rap ISHT and all it’s tough talk and ‘street-like words.’ Iran isn’t having it. Continue »

One Time Pops Kat Stacks Over Immigration Issues?!?!

Kat Stacks

It looks as if rappers can now sleep easy at night. According to published reports, super groupie Kat Stacks has been arrested. Continue »

Man Refuses To Perform Oral Sex Because Of Horrible Vaginal Odor, Threatened With Knife

Melissa Williams

A West Virginia woman was arrested for threatening to cut two men with a knife after both refused to perform oral sex on her because of her horrible vaginal odor. Continue »

Man Who Was Molested By Pedophile Catholic Priest As A Child Viciously Gets Revenge 35 Years Later And Smiles In Mugshot Photo

William Lynch, 44, is accused of beating the retired priest who abused he and his brother more than 30 years ago. Lynch surrendered Friday for the beating of 65-year-old Jerold Lindner at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos


A man allegedly molested by a priest was arrested in California on Friday for beating up the clergyman 35 years later. Continue »

“Rollin'” Tiny Cottle Charged With Holdin’ Them Happy Pills

Tameka Tiny Cottle mugshot

T.I. may have skated charges from his September arrest in Los Angeles, but it looks like his Ride Or Die Chick wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle didn’t get off so easy. Continue »

The Claws Are Out!!! Someone Feed The Model — Jessica White is Thirsty For Blood!!!

Jessica White

Jessica White’s plea: I’m not guilty. Continue »

When Tranny Ho Robbin’ Goes Wrong… Teen Gets The Shimmy Shimmy Ya Shimmy Yo Sh*t Kicked Out Of Him

Joshua Bumpus and Rufus Bowman

SMH… Meet Rufus Bowman (above right), he’s the Cincinnati teen that went looking for love (and money) in all the wrong places this summer. See Rufus met up with tranny ho transgender prostitute Joshua Bumpus (above left, yes that’s really his name SMH) on July 13th and after soliciting some action, tried pulling the ol’ armed-robbery-of-a prostitute trick. Continue »


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