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WTF??? Chicago Man Arrested For Impersonating Dentist, Operated On Patients With Power Tools?!?!

Power tools

A man pretending to be a dentist in Chicago has been arrested after police say he operated a fake dental office, taking patients to an auto garage and operating on them with power tools. WTF??? Continue

Breaking News: Danny Glover Hauled In By The Five-Oh As “Veep” Stands By

"Danny Glover"

Death At A Funeral star, Danny Glover, got the cuffs slapped on him at a labor protest in Maryland. Also, SEIU President Andy Stern sure looks like Vice President Joe “I Dropped An F-Bomb On You” Biden in this shot, don’t he? Pop the hood. Continue »

Tiger’s Ho Gets Picked Up By Po-Po

"Jamie Grubbs"

One of Tiger’s skanks, Jaimee Grubbs, got pulled over by one-time yesterday. No biggie, she looks like she likes being forced into the back of cars and wearing handcuffs. Take a peek under the top. Continue »

Kush Chronicles: Jaheim Popped For Drug Possesion

Singer Jaheim was arrested for marijuana possession last week in Hillsborough, NJ.

More details once you pop the top. Continue »

Three Teens Arrested In Connection To New Jersey Couple Killed After Their Engagement Party

Latonia Bellamy Darmelia Lawrence Nia Haqq Michael Muchioki Jersey City carjacking

Three 19-year-old’s are believed to be behind the brutal shootings that claimed the lives of Nia Haqq and Michael Muchioki last weekend…

A Jersey City woman whose brother was charged in the execution-style killings of two men earlier this year was among three teens arrested today for a similarly ruthless double-slaying: Sunday’s killings of a young couple as they returned home from their engagement party. Continue »

Shocking Child Rape Twist: Dad Defends Accused

Timear Lewis

Okay,  this case is getting sicker. The stepfather of the 7-year-old girl who police say was pimped out by her teenage sister and then  gang raped in a Rowan Towers, a Trenton, NJ housing project, is publicly defending three of the accused: Continue »

Criminal Mastermind: Breaks Out Of Lockup For Ciggiebutts, Then Goes Back In

"Harry Jackson Broke Out Of Jail To Get Cigarettes"

This brainiac, Harry Jackson, broke out of Camden County Jail to go steal some smokes, then took his silly a$s right back in. Pop the hood for more. Continue »

End Of Days: Korean Couple Lets Baby Starve While They Play With Video Game Baby

"Prius Online"

A couple in South Korea spent 10 hours at a time raising a virtual child in a role-playing game while their real-life three-month-old daughter was just given a bottle of milk a day until she starved to death. Pop the top for the sickening details. Continue »

Update: Man Arrested In Connection To The Crazy Child Gang Rape Case

gregory joseph leary

BOSSIP has learned that some sicko has been arrested in the teenager selling her 7-year-old sister for sex story we posted a couple of days ago:

Police have arrested Gregory Joseph Leary on charges that he had sex with a 15-year-old girl. Continue »

Police Raid Projects Where 7-Year-Old Was Gang Raped

"Rowan Towers gang rape"

The site of the sickening gang rape of a 7-year-old-girl who was pimped out by her teenage stepsister was raided by the police in Trenton, NJ. The sweep of Rowan Towers was already in the works before the little girl was attacked, but cops hope that the 27 people in custody on outstanding warrants (not related to the case) will be able to provide some information on the shocking crime. Look under the hood for more on the story. Continue »

Domestic Disputes: Couple Busted In Brawl Over Viral Vajayjay Photos

"Vagina pictures attack"

Meet Kizzy “Sugar Walls” Campbell of Florida. When her man, Johnny Lowe, came home, he discovered she’d been sending out online pictures of her va-jay-jay to other men. This heifer claimed it was all a big mistake, but when Johnny went in for the hug that’s when things got really freaky. Pop the top. Continue »

When Explosive Diarrhea Isn’t A Good Enough Reason For A Sick Day…

"Thomas Hudanall called in bomb threat to get out of work."

SMH. Thomas “The Pride of Florida” Hudnall can’t just fake a flu like everyone else. When he wanted to take a day off, he called in the big guns and phoned in a bomb threat. Pop the top for details. Continue »

Rumor Control: NeNe’s Son Didn’t Get Popped He Turned Himself In

It was reported that NeNe’s son Bryson was arrested again but for illegal weapon charges.  Apparently someone got the story messed up.

Check the flippy to find out why he was really back in jail. Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Crazy Old Folks Love Them Some JELL-O More Than Bill Cosby

Meet Alexander “Daddy Got Rocks” Clement and Christine “Diamond Life” Clement. These class acts are the masterminds behind a plot to scam for free JELL-O.

Details under the hood. Continue »

Scary White Wackjobs Busted For Plottin On Po-Po

These so-called Christians in the Hutaree militia group plotted to take out a law enforcement officer, then launch a surprise attack on the officers of the law who gathered at the “bait’s” funeral using weapons of mass destruction. Look under the hood for the sickening details. Continue »