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Son Of Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge Popped For Ganking $1.5 Million Worth Of Casino Chips In Bellagio Heist

Damn, dude was trying to go all Ocean’s Eleven and ish:

A helmeted bandit who escaped the Bellagio with $1.5 million in chips during a daring gunpoint heist returned to the scene of the crime several times before his luck finally ran out, police said Thursday. Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Teenager Arrested For Throwing Snowballs At Mailman

Walter Ward, 16, charged with assault and menacing, for a an attack on a postal worker, leaving Brooklyn Criminal Court

Since when are snowballs considered a “criminal weapon”? Continue »

Juelz Santana Popped! Thrown In The Slammer For Havin’ Them Grams And Blam-Blammers!!

Looks like the Dipset reunion album may be put on hold because it sounds like the Bergen County prosecutor has a Jones for Laron James… Continue »

UPDATE: Gay Portuguese Model That Killed And Mutilated His Sugardaddy Only Charged With 2nd Degree Murder!

Damn, all the sh*t he did to ol’ boy and all he got was 2nd degree?!?! The legal system is a funny thing, a funny thing indeed… Continue »

Atlanta Gang Leader Sentenced To Double-Life PLUS 40 Years!!

This cat was one bad mutha-shut-yo-mouth…

ATLANTA — The leader of a violent Atlanta gang was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murder and assault charges stemming from three separate incidents that left two dead and two wounded.

George “Keon” Redding, a 21-year-old widely recognized as the leader of “30 Deep,” was convicted late Monday of the charges. He was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 40 years by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Shawn LaGrua.

Prosecutors say Redding shot and killed 40-year-old Ronnie Pierce in June 2007 after a dispute over a gun. He also was charged in the July 2007 killing of 25-year-old Victor Hill in an apparently random attack. And he’s accused of targeting a third man who was shot and wounded while playing basketball in east Atlanta.

Not saying that Redding doesn’t deserve to be imprisoned but, double-life plus 40?!? There are a people that have killed more people and done worse crimes that will be walkin’ the streets in 25 years.


Another Day, Another Arrest: Vikings Player Tasered, Arrested, And Charged One Count Of Felony Battery

everton griffen


Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was on the wrong side of a taser today — after the NFLer allegedly assaulted a cop in L.A. — and it’s his second arrest in three days Continue »

Drugs Are Bad M’kay: Lindsay Lohan Is Supposedly “Worried” About Charlie Sheen

Well, we guess if anyone has the right to show concern, or speak on Charlie’s crackish behavior it would be Lindsay, Queen of the Hollyweird crack hoes. Continue »

Judge Tosses A Whole Encyclopedia At Former Guantanamo Inmate, Sentences Him To LIFE!

Looks like “Your Honor” was not playin’ with this mickiefickie, gotta show these terrorist a**holes who’s boss. Continue »

Pure Comedy: Woman Jailed For Stabbing Man After He Made Fun Of Her STANK A*S Feet!!

stinky feet

This broad sounds like she was on some other sh*t anyway!!!

Jail is going to stink for a Washington State woman convicted of stabbing a man in a drunken rage after he made fun of her smelly feet. Continue »

Carlina White’s kidnapper, Ann “I Take Babies” Pettway, Turns Herself In To Authorities

After a week or so of running Ann Pettway couldn’t take the pressure anymore and turned her punk-a** in to the FBI. Continue »

Jesus Take Wheel: Black Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts Of Murder

dr. kermit gosnell philadelphia abortion doctor charged with 8 counts of murder


An abortion doctor who catered to minorities, immigrants and poor women was charged with eight counts of murder Continue »


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