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SMH: “All Black People Leave” Wal-Mart Knucklehead Pulled The Same Sh*t Before!!!

The li’l juvie delinquent behind the: “All black people leave the store now” foolishness in a New Jersey Wal-Mart is a repeat offender. Details under the hood. Continue »

Old Dominican Broad Shoots Puerto Rican Wife Of Latin Jazz Musician Eddie Palmieri

Now, ain’t this some sh*t? Beef between two hot blooded mujeres almost turned deadly when one fanny pack-wearing señora turned out to be PACKING and went thug life on Eddie Palmieri’s wife. Pop the hood for the story. Continue »

Dumba$s Robber Calls Ahead To Tell Bank He’s Coming!!!

On the one hand you can say Albert “Stealth Brotha” Bailey’s mama raised him right: He knows it’s polite to call ahead before dropping by. On the other hand, you might say: Could this chucklehead be more triflin’? Yeah, he could. He took a juvenile accomplice along. Pop the hood for the details. Continue »

WANTED!!! Suge Knight Beats Down And Robs Yukmouth Of Luniz — Warrant Issued For Suge’s Arrest!!!

Suge Knight is a wanted man after putting hands on Yukmouth last night… and doing what he does best with his Yuk’s belongings: Continue »

Monster Found Guilty of Molesting 23-Month-Old Daughter Then Leaving Her Outside To Freeze To Death!!!

A jury reached a guilty verdict for William Page, a Pittsburgh man who molested his 23-month-old daughter and then left her outside in the snow to freeze to death. More details when you… Continue »

SMH: Ex-NBA Player Arrested, Police Find Kush Between His Cake Cheeks

Another role model athlete:

Police in Salt Lake County arrested former Utah Jazz center Robert Whaley and found marijuana “between his buttocks,” according to a jail document. Continue »

Ol’Bugsy’s Bodyguard Gets Arrested For Getting Out Of Pocket With the Paps (VIDEO INSIDE)

50 Cent and his crew were in Copenhagen, Denmark over the weekend and it got real live when the paps wouldn’t back off the scene causing his bodyguard to go in… A little too much.

Details and video on the flip. Continue »

SMH: Another White Chick Turned Out By Terrorism… Get These Hoes A Hobby Please!

And so the plot thickens… It turns outColleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane, isn’t the only American blonde turned out by Muslim extremists. Irish police have a U.S. woman named Jamie Paulin-Ramirez in custody in connection with the plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

Another Day, Another DUI

BOSSIP has learned that Miami Dolphins cornerback Will Allen was arrested for driving under the influence and has been released on bail: Continue »

Flavor Of Love’s “Hotlanta” Does Not Love The Kids, Popped For Battery And Cruelty To Children


One of the stars of the VH1 show “Flavor of Love” was arrested in Georgia — after cops say “Hotlanta” got violent in a mysterious incident involving a child. Continue »

This B*tch Right Here Is Crazy As Hell!!!

The woman in the photograph above is Amy Bishop, and she is a ‘fiercely intelligent’ neuroscientist with a Ph.D. from Harvard. BOSSIP has learned that Amy has been arrested for shooting and killing three of her colleagues and has a history of being twisted and ‘interrupted’: Continue »

Israeli Man Who Claims “Godlike” and “Supernatural” Powers Charged With Rape

Meet Goel Ratzon. He is the father of 49 children by 21 women and has been charged with rape, enslavement, incest, and more. Sound crazy??

Flip the hood for the details: Continue »

Chicago Teen Sues For $100 Milli, Claims Racist Arrest Killed Her Baby

A Chicago teen is taking local police to court for $100 million after she claims that excessive force during a racially charged arrest caused her to lose her unborn child. Continue…

Wyclef Jean Reacts To Child Trafficking Arrests In Haiti

After his recent trip to Haiti Wyclef Jean is now back stateside, but he remains dedicated to his native country and expressed his concern over recent arrests for child trafficking on the island.


Resident Drunk and Actor Rip Torn Arrested for Breaking Into a Bank While Slizzard

Sounds like someone needs an “Intervention”:

Actor Elmore “Rip” Torn has been charged with breaking into a Connecticut bank and carrying a loaded handgun while intoxicated. Continue »