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Drugs Are Bad M’kay: Lindsay Lohan Is Supposedly “Worried” About Charlie Sheen

Well, we guess if anyone has the right to show concern, or speak on Charlie’s crackish behavior it would be Lindsay, Queen of the Hollyweird crack hoes. Continue »

Judge Tosses A Whole Encyclopedia At Former Guantanamo Inmate, Sentences Him To LIFE!

Looks like “Your Honor” was not playin’ with this mickiefickie, gotta show these terrorist a**holes who’s boss. Continue »

Pure Comedy: Woman Jailed For Stabbing Man After He Made Fun Of Her STANK A*S Feet!!

stinky feet

This broad sounds like she was on some other sh*t anyway!!!

Jail is going to stink for a Washington State woman convicted of stabbing a man in a drunken rage after he made fun of her smelly feet. Continue »

Carlina White’s kidnapper, Ann “I Take Babies” Pettway, Turns Herself In To Authorities

After a week or so of running Ann Pettway couldn’t take the pressure anymore and turned her punk-a** in to the FBI. Continue »

Jesus Take Wheel: Black Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts Of Murder

dr. kermit gosnell philadelphia abortion doctor charged with 8 counts of murder


An abortion doctor who catered to minorities, immigrants and poor women was charged with eight counts of murder Continue »

More Details Emerge About Jared Loughner’s Crazy Azz And His Last Hours Before Arizona Shooting Spree

jared loughner mug shot arizona shooting

Last week it was reported that Jared Loughner had pictures developed of him in a red g-string holding a Glock. This week a stranger report of this psychopath’s final hours before his Arizona shooting spree.

Jared Loughner checked into a down-and-out motel. He picked up photos showing him holding a Glock 19 while wearing only a bright red G-string. He bought ammunition on one of three trips to two different Walmarts.

He called a high-school pot-smoking buddy, ran away from his father into a cactus-dotted desert and updated his MySpace profile to say, “Goodbye friends.”

Michelle Martinez ran into Loughner during his rambling odyssey. She and some friends were hanging out in the neighborhood when a sullen figure emerged from the darkness in a black hooded sweatshirt and startled them. Loughner picked his way through the group rather than walk around them, offering a deep, distant “What’s up?” He then quickened his pace and disappeared into the darkness.

“I had a feeling he was thinking about something,” said Martinez, who knew Loughner from their school days. “It was just kind of weird.”

Sad as it is, this story is going to make one helluva movie one day. Crazy muthaf**ka…


80 Year-Old International Jewel Thief Popped For Stealing Ring From Macy’s Worth 9K

doris payne jewelry thief

Dayyuuumm, Granny Doris is getting in like that!!!

She’s an international jewel thief with a five-decade career so dazzling that a Hollywood film starring Halle Berry is rumoured to be in the works. Continue »

Whatup Gaaaangsta!?!? Ice Cream Men Catch Fade Over Turf War

Man, and we thought drug dealers were territorial. These ice cream niccas is NO JOKE! Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Cali Hwy Patrol Officer Popped For Murking Her Husband

tomiekia johnson and marcus lemons


California Highway Patrol Officer Tomiekia Johnson was arrested and charged Tuesday Continue »


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