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Kush Chronic-les: Tampa Bay Buc’s Player Popped With A Zip Of That Sticky Icky OOOWEEE

Buccaneers Tight End Jerramy Stevens

Another Day, Another Dumba*s Athlete popped for some stupid isht! Jerramy Stevens of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was arrested this weekend after one-time pulled him over in his Ford pickup for blasting his music too loud. SMH. That was the first dumb move. Continue »

T.I. Lucks The Fawk Up Again… No Charges In L.A. Drug Arrest!


Clifford has officially caught another break! After all the hoopla of his Los Angeles arrest in September, Continue »

Wannabe Obama Assasin Sentenced To 14 Years Of Being A Prison B*tch For Plotting Racially Motivated Kill Spree

Daniel Cowart sentenced to 14 years

Daniel Cowart was sentenced to a 14 year prison sentence Friday after pleading guilty in March to eight federal charges related to a 2008 plot to kill 88 African-Americans and behead 14 others before trying to take out Obama. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Freaky Canadian Air Force Pilot Accused of Murking Girls And Stealing Their Drawls

Russell Williams Canadian Air Force Serial Killer

For 23 years, Russell Williams’ been passing for a concerned Canadian citizen serving his country, without revealing a clue of the murderous perv he really was. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Former NFL Player Junior Seau Drives Car Off Cliff After Domestic Violence Arrest

junior seau


Police have concluded that former football star Junior Seau fell asleep at the wheel early Monday when his car drove off a cliff in Carlsbad. Continue »

Another Shady Spiritual Leader Gets Caught Using Scripture To Shaft Little Boys

Las Vegas Billy Eckstine McCurdy

Bishop Eddie Long isn’t the only spiritual leader feeling the fire of sexual abuse allegations. Las Vegas officials recently arrested a 57-year-old pastor named Billy Eckstine McCurdy who is accused of sexually assaulting two teen boys he invited to live with him. Continue »

T.I. Facing Up To 14 Months In Jail Over Drug Arrest & Parole Violation


It looks like The King might be caged once again as lawyers go back and forth for his upcoming hearing after violating his parole in September. Continue »

Reps For Mario Say That Rocks Are The Reason For His Mother’s “Irrational Behavior” And Assault Allegations

singer mario and mother drug addict

Mario says his mom’s fight with drugs is the root of these assault arrest shenanigans, according to his attorney William “Hassan” Murphy III: Continue »

Another Day, Another Arrest: Mario Popped For Assaulting Mom & Busting Up Their “Shared Apartment” In B-More

singer mario mug shot

Mario should know better than to be putting his hands on a woman, especially his mother!!!

Mario — the platinum-selling R&B singer — was arrested in Baltimore this morning for allegedly assaulting his own mother in an apartment they share. Continue »

One-Time Pops Second Suspect In Seton Hall Shooting

Jessica Moore Seton Hall

Another arrest has been made in the shooting death of 19-year-old Jessica Moore, who was gunned down at a party near Seton Hall University last weekend. Continue »

Worst Deadbeat Dad Ever: Father Of 23 Children By 14 Different Mothers Jailed For Failure To Pay Over 500K In Child Support!!!

Howard Veal owes $533,000 in back child support

The NBA and NFL is full of deadbeat dads who can’t keep up with their legion of kids by multiple women, but one Michigan man is putting all those guys to shame. After failing to pay even a fraction of his required child support, Howard Veal, father to 23 kids by 14 different women just received a 23-48 month jail sentence for his criminal offense. Continue »

The Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Stabs And Tortures Autistic Son, Fortunately He Survived And Is In Stable Condition

anitra hankins women stabs and tortures autistic son

We seriously cannot take all of these women doing fatally horrible things to their children, specifically Autistic children who need special love, care, and support:

A Modesto mother has been arrested on attempted murder and torture charges after she allegedly tied up and stabbed her 13-year-old autistic son multiple times. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Florida Man Kills Estranged Wife And Four Stepchildren, Wounds One

Patrick Dell

This is terribly sad. A Florida man shot and killed his wife and four of her seven children before killing himself. One of her sons survived the shooting, while he left his own children with the woman unharmed. Continue »

What The Hell??? Pitt Football Player Chokes Out Girlfriend After She Tells Him She’s Pregnant

Jeff Knox

A freshman member of the Pitt football team has been released from the team after choking and beating on a woman he’d been involved with after she informed him she was pregnant. SMH. Continue »


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