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SMH: Petey Pablo Says He Forgot He Was Hiding That Gun In His Suitcase…

Petey Pablo

Petey Pablo aka Moses Barrett is speaking out about his arrest for packing heat at a North Carolina airport this weekend . Check him out trying to “esplain what had happened wuz…” Continue »

Another Day, Another Arrest: Petey Pablo Popped For Trying To Sneak Heat Past Airport Security

petey pablo mug shot

This guy can’t be that DUMB:

Rapper Petey Pablo was arrested this morning at an airport in North Carolina on weapons charges after he allegedly tried to sneak a gun through airport security. Continue »

Khia Goes To Jail… Rapper Arrested AGAIN

Khia Mugshot

“My Neck, My Back” rapper Khia was arrested in Atlanta, Wednesday for “endangering security interest.” Continue »

T.I. Getting AXE’d? Body Spray Considers Dropping Alleged Pill Popper

axe T.I. performance

Poor Thang! T.I. isn’t just in trouble with the law, he’s also facing the possibility of losing sponsors — again. Continue »

Bob Marley’s Daughter Pleads Guilty To Ganja Charge

Bob Marley

The daughter of reggae legend Bob Marley has confessed to harvesting marijuana in her Caln, Pennsylvania home. Continue »

F*ck A Thug! Alleged Baby Killer Set Free On Bail

Daryl Keon Jones

SMH… A suspected child murderer has been set free on bond after officials determined his medical condition prevents him from being a threat to others or a flight risk. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”… Detroit Neighborhood Helps In Arrest Of Suspects In Rape Of 90-Year-Old Woman

Detroit teens charged in rape

With unemployment at some of the highest levels in the country and the city still marred by the conduct of its shady azz former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, it’s great to have some positive news to spread about the city of Detroit. Continue »

T.I.’s First Performance Since Arrest [Video]

t.i. performance

A lil ecstacy and weed I guess ain’t never hurt nobody as T.I. resurfaced last night in Atlanta marking his first public appearance since he and his wife Tiny were busted riding dirty.

Check Video at

Will T.I.’s Drug Arrest Land Him Back Behind Bars?

Pharrell and T.I.

Pharrell posted this photo of himself and T.I. in the studio from the night of Clifford’s arrest for riding dirty. Continue »

SMH: California Man Holds Girlfriend Captive And Tortures Her Over FACEBOOK Post!

anthony lozano

We’ve heard of jealous possessive boyfriends but this one takes the cake. Police arrested a California man for holding his girlfriend hostage for several days, forcing her to call out of work sick while he beat and tortured her over a Facebook message from another man!!! Continue »

Report Says Almost 100,000 Sexual Assaults Occur In US Prisons Annually

Rob Schneider Big Stan

The numbers are staggering. The problem is overwhelming.The government reported Thursday that in the past year, 4.4 percent of inmates in prison and 3.1 percent of inmates in jail report being victimized sexually by another inmate or staff member. Continue »

Ohio Woman Caught Masturbating While Driving

Colondra Hamilton

An Ohio woman was arrested Tuesday after allegedly operating a sex toy while operating a motor vehicle. Continue »

Kush Chronicles: 85-Year-Old Grandpa Popped For Trying To Smuggle Some “Oooooh Weeee” To Grandson In Prison

richard heritz marijuana smuggler

Pops is still thuggin, LMAO:

Richard Heritz, an 85-year-old Ohio man, was arrested while making a scheduled visit to his grandson at Warren Correction Institution. According to law enforcement, this “family reunion” included more than 20 grams of marijuana. Continue »

Update: Faith Evans Released, Shooting Video Today In Venice Beach

BOSSIP has learned that Faith Evans was released early this morning after being arrested in Marina Del Ray for DUI. Continue »

Another Day, Another Arrest: Faith Popped In LA For DUI

faith evans dui

Damn. Faith Evans, who is in LA shooting the video for her latest track, was popped last night for “suspicion of DUI”: Continue »