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Pres. Obama Talks Racism And What Is Needed To End Bigotry [Video]

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Stop The Brutality: President Obama Approves Funding To Increase Police Body Cameras After Meeting With Officials To Discuss Ferguson


For those asking what difference it makes to protest or stand up for what you believe in…. Continue »

Ho, Sit DOWN! GOP Advocate Insults Sasha & Malia Obama – “Dress Like You Deserve Some Respect, Not A Spot At A Bar!”

Somebody get this broad a seat or 7 before our First Lady has to go Chi-town on her… Continue »

Bogus Bolitics: Black Caucus Chairman Defends White Republican Governor Calling President Obama’s Policies “Tar Babies”

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Rihanna…. “What Is The Best Thing About Visiting The White House?” [Video]

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Black Agenda: Pres. Obama Set To Nominate Loretta Lynch As First African American Attorney General [Video]

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SMH: Racist Republican Calls President Obama The N-Word Live On C-Span – “We Hate That N****r Obama” [Video]

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Bogus Bolitics: Republicans Gain Full Control Of House And Senate For First Time In 8 Years

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