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Shady Bolitics: Republicans Demand More Subprime Loans For Black People Who Can’t Afford Them

658money-e1340282617646The GOP goons have found yet another way to try and screw over minorities….just before the midterm elections. Some people just hang themselves… Continue »

At The Tender Age Of 93… Joan Rivers Has Breakdown On Live TV And Storms Out Interview! [Video]

Her old butt should know better…

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Obama Says “The White House Pies Are So Good… You Would Think There Was Crack In Them” [Video]

Them white folks sure did laugh hard at that joke… SMH.

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President Obama Congratulates USA Soccer Team On Making It To Sweet 16 In World Cup [Video]

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Bolitics: First Lady Michelle Obama Addresses Rumors That She’s Running For Congress In 2016

Is the first lady following in her hubby’s footsteps? Continue »

President Obama’s Frustrated Speech After Oregon Shooting “America Doesn’t Have A Monopoly On Crazy” [Video]

Every week!?

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