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Is Obama Hated For His Policies Or Because He’s Black? [Photos]


President Obama Announces Syrian Air Strikes And Destroying ISIS “We Will Not Get Dragged Into Another Ground War” [Video]

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He Doesn’t Care WHO He Is: Lil Boy Doesn’t Give A Damn About Parents Meeting Leader Of The Free World [Video]

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Larenz Tate Talks On Obama’s Role In Chicago Gun Violence “You Can Always Do More” [Video]

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Tea Party Guy Says “Obama Is A Sociopath… Using Ferguson To Start A Race War… I Went To School With Him” [Video]

Why is it always white folks talking about a “race war?”

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Bolitics: Michael Eric Dyson On Ferguson “Obama Knows Better Than Anybody Else… He Needs To Step Up” [Video]

What do you think?

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President Obama Addresses Mike Brown Killing By Dirty Ferguson Police [Video]

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