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Ho, Sit Down! Woman Calls For President Obama’s Death During GOP Town Hall Meeting – “He Should Be Executed As An Enemy”

These whiny GOP goon squad goblins better get over it! President Obama is here to stay until the next election. Continue »

Famed Jazz Singer Dee Dee Bridgewater Shares Story Of Illegal Hotel Room Abortion In Support Of Womens’ Right To Choose

Dee Dee Bridgewater details her painful experience in support of women’s rights… Continue »

For Discussion: GOP Senate Hopeful Says Teachers Should Be Permitted To Carry Machine Guns In Schools….Do You Agree?

Would you be comfortable with your child’s teacher carrying a machine gun to school? Continue »

Bogus Bolitics: Allen West Calls President Obama A “Vile And Disgusting Racist” Who Despises White People


But……the POTUS’ mother was wh……nevermind Continue »

Gay-OK: First Lady Michelle Obama Voices Support For Robin Roberts Coming Out Of The Closet

The FLOTUS is Team Robin… Continue »