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Lelee Goes In For Lipo! – SWV Reunited [Video]

And demands the Brazilian butt lift special!

Niecy Nash Says ‘Settle Down Kim K! I Did It First!’ [Video]

Watch out, Kimmy Cakes… Continue »

Gender Reveal Cakes


Baby Ain’t Got No Backs: Selena Gomez Says She Doesn’t Have Big Enough Cakes To Date Drizzy Drake!

Drake Selena

Yeah, we all know how Aubrey likes ‘em… Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Butt pudding

Would you like some a$$ in your glass? Continue »

In White Folks News: Miley Cyrus Posts Attention-Slorey TwitPics Of Her Barely-There Assets


America’s (least) favorite twerker just loves for us to look at her ironing-board a$$ Continue »


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