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Cassie Shaves the Other Side of her Head…


Looks like Cassie is still on her shaved head steez and has decided to shave a bit of the other side off too. Flip the hood to see a candid pic of her at STK in NYC. Continue »

Charlamagne’s Interview with Beanie Sigel About Jay-Z Got Him Fired


This sh*zz with Beanie and Jay-Z is getting a little out of hand. A couple of days ago, Beanie did an interview with Charlamagne on 100.3 in Philly and that’s when Beanie revealed his feelings about Jay-Z. Low and behold, three days later, Charlamagne gets fired from 100.3… DAMN!!! Continue »

DAMN T-Pain… Way to Call a Chick Out!!!


Cry Baby T-Pain is always started some sh*zzz. He showed up at the This Is It premiere in Sydney, Australia with a very interesting t-shirt on. Can you tell what’s on his shirt??? SMH, All we have to say is…

Diddy, GET YO CHICK!!! Continue »

When The Hell is Cassie Gonna Get a Clue and Just Stick With Modeling??

cassie model

Some pre-shaved dome pictures have surfaced of Fu*kin For Tracks chica Cassie. Why does this girl continue to chase Diddy’s ole hoeing a** instead of pursuing a serious modeling career?? We don’t understand. Cassie, get your life together.

More pics on the flip…. Continue »

Chris Brown on the Set of His New Video with a Bald Headed Beast


Chris Brown is shooting the video for his second single Crawl. Every video has cameos but can you guess which bald headed beast popped up on set as the leading lady???

Pop it for a Peek Continue »

Twitter Files: Cassie Wants Diddy to “Be Honest”


While Diddy is soaking up two girls’ drawers at the same time, dropping albums, and debuting new reality TV shows, Cassie is 10 years deep trying to make her career jump off.

Pop the top and peep what Cassie said about Diddy’s lies and take a listen a snippet of her new jawn “Sky Diver” Continue »

Diddy Caught Twice Checking for Chicks While Cassie is No Where to be Found


We don’t think Diddy is ever going to settle down even though he says:

“I want the perfect woman. I’m tired of f*cking hot chicks!!!”

In Atlanta, Diddy was caught twice with T-W-O different girls on T-W-O different nights at Compound Nightclub. Cassie… if he’s telling you that you’re the one, well it looks like you’re just #1.

Pop it for Diddy & his new Chickens … Continue »

What the Hell: Diddy Throws a Party in LA and Invites Kim and Cassie


Diddy threw himself a bash at LA’s Guys and Dolls to celebrate his new record deal.  Continue »

Diddy Says “I Want the Perfect Woman. I’m Tired of F*cking Hot Chicks!!!”


Diddy is on the hunt for love and wants to find the perfect woman. Everyone knows “Take That, Take That” is no stranger to banging several girls at the same time, so who would really take him seriously BUT…

Aren’t You Still Bangin’ Cassie??? Continue »

“Take That, Take That” Covers VS Magazine


Diddy is on his model steez in the upcoming issue of VS magazine. His little half baldy side chick, Cassie, is getting into the fashion shoots so it’s only right that he just on the bandwagon. Continue »

What Happened in Vegas Didn’t Stay in Vegas: Diddy at WET REPUBLIC


Everybody and they mama was in Vegas this past weekend for the Mayweather fight. President CIROC Obama had a pool party at the Wet Republic. They said Cassie was there also but Diddy made sure he kept that a$$ out of sight.

Pop it for More Pics of Diddy, Tyrese & Floyd Mayweather… Continue »

Spotted: “Someone” Tries to Make A Hasty Escape Away From Cassie


This is Cassie walking solo after Diddy left her high and dry. The two were spotted getting a bite to eat the morning after the VMA’s, but when Puffy noticed cameras, he got pissed and bounced. SMH

Pop the top and see Sean getting all hot and bothered at the paps Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin??? The Diddy Jump Off Edition


Diddy’s old broad and new broad hit up the VMA red carpet but which one looked more bangin? Cassie or J.Lo? Diddy was there too.. Wonder who he was checking for. Continue »

Cassie’s Fully Spread…Again

cass copy

A week ago, we gave you a taste of the Cassie Dimepiece photo shoot, via Diddy on twitter; today we have mostly all the photos from the shoot. Poor Cassie can’t sell a record to save her life, but the girl sure can model… clothes or without.

Pop it for the full spread. Continue »

DAMN… Can the Real Cassie PLEASE STAND UP!!!


Boy oh boy, when we saw this, we didn’t have a choice but to put it up. We did a double take on Adrienne because her and Cassie look like twins. Even though she didn’t go as far as to shave her head, Adrienne sure did set the illusion. Just goes to show that none of these chicks have their own identity. SMH…

Pop it for More… Continue »


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