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Dave Chappelle “Donald Sterling Shouldn’t Have Lost The Clippers Because Racist Remarks” [Video]

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Dave Chappelle: See the Funnyman On Daddy Duty


HD Footage Of Kanye West Performing At Dave Chapelle Show In NYC [Video]

Bossip was in the house for Yeezy’s performance at the Dave Chappelle show in New York… Continue »

Who Is My Funnyman Father?

Dave Chappelle's daughter Sonal

This adorable little girl is the daughter of one of the funniest comedians to ever hit stage or screen. Continue »

Dave Chappelle Says He “Never Quit The Chappelle Show” And Talks Ditching The $50 Million [Video]

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Where Have YOU Been!? 10 Super Reclusive Celebs Who Duck And Dodge The Spotlight


While Rihanna and Beyonce like to be seen, these stars want to keep their private lives on the low low.

Dave Chappelle Walks Off Stage In CT And Told DJ “Play New Slaves” [Video]


We hear you Dave… some of our staff attended your ATL show and they said you are still as funny as ever. Continue »

I’m Out! 9 Celebrities Who Walked Out On Popular Shows To Good And Bad Results For Their Career

Celebrities Who Walked Out On Popular Shows

Sometimes these stars move on to bigger and better things. And sometimes…well, their careers end up at a standstill.

10 Black Comedians Who Should Host The BET Awards, 2014

Dave Chappelle


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