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Dawn Richards Tells Bossip Exclusively “Diddy Released Me From Bad Boy!” [Video]

Carl Payne, Bridget Kelly and Dawn Richard talk exclusively to Bossip.

Damn, Danity Kane has been a while. Now Dawn can get some of that Dirty Money. Continue »

Exclusive Taraji P. Henson And Celebs Remember, Then Sing Favorite Whitney Song! [Video]

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Poor Thang: Dawn Richards Tries To Keep Her Dream Alive

dawn richard

It’s that Dirty Money! But will Dawn Richards be singing a new tune? Continue »

Dawn Richard’s New Music: Me, Myself & Y… Did You Pick This Song?!?!

Dawn Richards New Jawn: Me, Myself & Y

Dawn Richard has been given permission to step away from Dirty Money to slide out her new single for some solo attention. After being in a group like Danity Kane and rolling with the Dirty Money crew, Dawn’s new single is not far off from what we are use too but still extremely… awful different!

Tell Us What You Think… Continue »

Dirty Money Hits Up Front Row At Paris Fashion Week Looking Like…

Dirty Money in London

Diddy and the Dirty Money Crew are making their way around Paris Fashion Week. We wouldn’t necessarily call Dawn and Kaleena fashionable but they are daring. Now that these two are on their international fashion week swag…

Are You Feeling These Get Ups??? Continue »

Is Diddy-Dirty Money Back To Being Just Diddy Again???

P Diddy Sean Combs London UK

Diddy is in London this week, still trying to get some folks to buy that D Train To Harlem album. Continue »

Oh Sh*t! Kaleena Gets A Day Pass Off That Dirty Money Plantation

Kalenna Diddy Dirty Money

The girl in Dirty Money who isn’t Dawn recently did a solo interview and photoshoot with Atlanta-based BE Entertained Magazine, and did a lot of talking about Diddy, Dawn and some other sh*t you probably don’t care about. Continue »

Catch A Fire: Long Weaves Flow Free At Diddy’s L.A. Release Party

Teairra Mari Teyanna Taylor LA Last Train To Paris Release Party Dirty Money

Guess these ladies thought their flowing locks were safe at Dirty Money’s L.A. release party, what with no bathtubs and candles around at the Supperclub. Continue »

Where Is Lil Kim Nicki Minaj???

Diddy's Vibe Cover Reveal

Diddy and his “Family” have taken over the upcoming issue of Vibe. The cover includes Diddy, B.I.G. Rick Ross, Total Dirty Money, Faith Cassie, Lil Cease Red Cafe and Mary J. Blige Janelle Monae. Diddy is really trying to pick up where he left off… SMH!!!

Diddy and Friends Takeover Vibe's Cover

Where is Lil Kim Nicki Minaj… Did She Jump Ship Already???


Dawn Richards Is In “KONTROL”

Dawn Richards in Kontrol Magazine

Dawn Richards is in the upcoming issue of “Kontrol” magazine. Now-a-days, it seems a little odd when Dawn is in photos by herself especially when her cheerleading partner Kaleena is not posing next to her but of course, Dawn seemed to hold it down in this photo spread all alone…

Pop the Top for More Pics Continue »

Dawn From Dirty Money Says NO To Marrying Her “Soulmate” Que But YES To Getting Almost Naked For Black Men

Dawn and Que

Que, former member of Day 26, decided to propose to Dawn Richards of Dirty Money via Twitter. For the past two weeks, no one knew Dawn’s response until now and apparently it wasn’t a “YES”!!!

Pop the Top for Dawn’s Response in Vibe Interview Continue »

Diddy’s Dirty Money #1 Cheeleader Dawn Is “Ghubar” ?!??

Ghubar Magazine - Dawn Richards

Dawn Richards from Diddy’s group Dirty Money covers the summer issue of “Ghubar”, a French Magazine. We don’t think the word stylish and Dawn normally fall within the same sentence but anybody can put on clothes and transform….

Pop the Top for a Better Look Continue »

Diddy And His Two Cheerleaders Get So-Called Fresh With Photographer Derek Blanks

"Dirty Money - Kaleena - Diddy - Dawn"

Diddy and his two cheerleaders, Dawn and Kaleena, shot some new promo pics for Dirty Money with Altered Ego photographer Derek Blanks. You might as well call these chicks little Diddy protégés because they are getting paid to do absolutely NOTHING!!!

Pop the Top for a Peek at Dirty Money’s Album Cover Continue »

Twitter Files: Que Says He and Dawn Are Still Getting it In…

Que decided to put his twitter account to use again, this time for good.  He shut down the rumor about he and Dawn calling it quits.  See it for yourself under the hood. Continue »

Fill In the Blank: Devyne Stephens Looks _____________

Devyne Stephens, CEO of Upfront Megatainment (who also signed Akon), Diddy, Jason Jeter (CEO of Grand Hustle) and Chaka Zulu (CEO of DTP) all came out to support and honor Atlanta’s new mayor. As straight as he claims to be, we can’t help but to bring attention to the look on Devyne’s face.

More Suspect Pics Under the Hood Continue »


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