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“Rich Girl” And “Afro Puffs”: 9 Songs For The Ladies We Didn’t Know Dr. Dre Produced

Dr. Dre PF

We know he’s good for beats for big rappers, but Dre also knows his pop and R&B.

Dr. Dre’s Son Says “That’s My Dad’s Money” [Video]

Yes… he’s flying coach, but it cost a pretty penny more to fly out Ontario instead of LAX. But, we must admit the kid looks to have his head on straight with his mentality.
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Compton Already Has Their Hand Out Asking That Dre Start Sponsoring Events And Take The Key To The City! [Video]

Literally, the ink isn’t even dry on the deal yet!!!

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Never Gonna Get It, Never Gonna Get It! Albums We’ve Been Waiting On For Too Damn Long


These albums still haven’t seen the light of day, so we’re no longer gonna hold our breath.

Michel’le WANTED Suge Knight To Beat Her – R&B Divas: LA [Video]

Michel’le Says She Has A Baby By Suge Knight AND By Dr. Dre!: R&B Divas LA Full Episode 1[Video]

Damn, a baby by both? No wonder they beefed!

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It Ain’t Just Ice Cube And Dr. Dre: Did You Know They Were From Compton?

NAACP Theatre Awards

Here are nine people from the much talked about city. Some you might have known about, but there are quite a few who definitely surprised us.


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