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Basketball Wives LA Episode 9 Highlights And Preview Of Season Finale: Brandi Tries To Catch Fade With Jackie Christie [Video]

The Jackie Christie show goes to Paris…
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Basketball Wives LA Top Moments & Full Ep. 8: Jackie’s Daughter Is Called “A Prostitute” And She Tries To Catch Fade [Video]

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Basketball Wives Ep.8 Preview: Draya & Fiancé Confront Jackie Christie & Daughter [Video]

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Basketball Wives LA Top Moments & Full Ep. 7: Draya Goes At It With Jackie’s Daughter “She’s Tall With A Gang Of Weave… Yuck!” [Video]

Are you guys drinking that classy “Jackie Christie Cognac?”

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Basketball Wives LA Episode 5, Best Moments, And What You Didn’t See: At The Tender Age Of 45… Jackie Christie Instigates Fight With Draya Vs “Easty” Sundy [Video]

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Basketball Wives LA Ep. 5 Preview Of Monday’s Episode: “Messy” Jackie Christie Goes In On Draya Saying “She Has No Beef?” [Video]

Wow… just tacky.
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Basketball Wives LA Ep. 4 Best Moments, What You Didn’t See, And Full Episode: “Brittish Tries To Catch Fade With Malaysia Pargo” [Video]

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Shots Fired At Hoodrats!: Draya Michele, Brandi, And Malaysia Throw Shade At “Easty” Sundy And Brittish “The Chubby One” [Video]

We just chopped it up with Malaysia and Brandi yesterday… and the girls are cool compared to Brittish and Sundy.

New Basketball Wife Affirms Draya Was A Stripper! – Basketball Wives LA Sneak Peek [Video]

And says her name was “Miami” back in the day.

Draya Puts New ‘Basketball Wives’ Cast Member In Her Place! [Video]

Check out the fresh shade in this sneak peek!

We Broke It Here First!: First Look At Draya Michele Coffee Table Book Spread With Persona Magazine [Photos-Video]

These are exclusive shots from Persona Magazine’s Draya Michele Coffee Table book coming soon. Continue »

‘Basketball Wives LA’ Supertrailer: New Wife Goes IN On Jackie Christie!

Malaysia calls Jackie a “shiz-starting, backstabbing, insecure-azz old BIYATCH!”

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