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Can’t You See: 19 Best Black Cinema Soundtracks


Got It Like That?: 15 Top Actors Turned Singers


Cameo: 17 Famous Actors Who Appeared In Music Videos


Throwback Thursday: 10 “Good-Bad” Movies We Love

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Cant You See: 19 Best Black Cinema Soundtracks


Nicole Murphy Of Hollywood Exes Exclusive: Eddie Murphy’s Support, Effect On Perception Of Reality TV Black Women, Strahan, And More [Video]

Nicole Murphy talked to us at the Pre-ESPY Awards’ American Federation for Children Event in LA.

Hollywood Exes Best Moments And More: Jessica Canseco Is Confronted About “Black Girls And White Girls Don’t Mesh” Comments [Video]

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Nicole Murphy & Jessica Canseco Talk About Their Exes Eddie & Jose On Arsenio Hall Show [Video]

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Arsenio Hall Gets Emotional With Bossip Talking Personal Life, Eddie Murphy, Raising His Son, And Columbus Shorts Crazy Performance [Video]

Bossip was invited to the Arsenio Hall Show to complete a great interview with the comedic icon talking… about Mimi Faust, his son, and a lot-lot more.


Brando Murphy Explains Lawsuit Against “Father” Eddie Murphy And Wendy “Wendel” Williams [Video]

The odd and kind of funny Brando Murphy (alleged Eddie Murphy Son) stopped by… to talk.

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