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Celebrity DUI: 15 Stars Who Got Hazy Behind The Wheel


Sisterhood Of Hip Hop: Eve Comes To The Studio To Mentor Diamond! [Video]

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“Rich Girl” And “Afro Puffs”: 9 Songs For The Ladies We Didn’t Know Dr. Dre Produced

Dr. Dre PF

We know he’s good for beats for big rappers, but Dre also knows his pop and R&B.

Inked Up: 9 Celebrities with Signature Tattoos


New Oxygen Show “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop” Super Teaser (Guest Starring Eve) [Video]

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#WCW: 15 Fabulous Looks From Rapper Eve


Where Are They Now? The Super-Fine On-Screen Boyfriends (And Husbands) We Wanted For Ourselves From Black Sitcoms

Cute boyfriends

Where have some of our favorite crushes gone? Let’s take a look shall we! Be warned, some have changed big time…

They Do Exist: 10 Of The Classiest Celebrities In The Game….And The Reasons Why They Made Our List


“You can pay for school but you can’t buy class…”

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