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For Discussion: Does Focus On Black Celebrity Skew Our Real Financial Standing?

Music mogul Sean Combs and model Naomi Campbell enjoy a day of yachting in Ibiza, Spain on July 27, 2014. Sean's girlfriend Cassie and Naomi showed off their bikini bodies while catching some rays on the luxury party yacht. FameFlynet

Does the focus on celebrity dull the impact of poverty? Continue »

Super-Skinny GAP Model Causes Uproar – “Regular Girls Don’t Look Like Skeletor Ghosts” …Should They Remove The Ad?


Does this slimmy-trimmy model send the wrong message to young girls?

Continue »

Joan Rivers Defends Israel – “The Dead [Palestinians] Have Really Low IQ’s”


SMH…do you agree with her views? Continue »

For Discussion: Is The Confederate Flag As Hateful A Symbol As A Swastika?

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Hate speech disguised as “Southern Pride?” Continue »

Race Matters: Hidden Colors Filmmaker Tariq Nasheed Says Eric Garner’s Death Was A Lynching – “This Is Jim Crow 2.0″


Do you think we’ve spiraled into a modern Jim Crow era? Continue »

For Discussion: Have Hip-Hop Music Executives Sold Black People Out To Make Money?


Is it time to take a stand against ignorance in rap music? Continue »

MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor Responds To Stephen A. Smith’s “Provocation” Comment With Personal Abuse Story

Topeka Kansas Repeals Domestic Violence Laws Due To Budget Constraints

Do you think that Smith’s stance on provocation fuels the victim-blaming mentality? Continue »


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