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G-Unit On The Breakfast Club: 50 Says He Stomped Out Onyx, Missy Was Hitting Olivia, Talks Floyd Mayweather, And More [Video]

Who do you believe?

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12 Rappers 50 Cent Surprisingly Never Beefed With [Photos]

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets

#TBT: Top 10 Songs From G-Unit’s Golden Era [Photos]

G-Unit 611

Guess Which R&B Songstress Flashed These Washboard Abs For The Camera?

This shapely singer has still got the goods…. Continue »

Ja Rule Says He Actually Beat Down 50 Cent Before [Video]

Is this guy telling the truth?
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Another Day, Another G-Unit Reject With Issues: 40 Glocc Popped In Vegas For Trying To Strangle His Girlfriend Three Times In One Day

Former 50 Cent Protege 40 Glocc Arrested For Attempting To Strangle His Girlfriend

SMH, what in all the hells (other than your non-existent rap career) drives someone to this level of bat-shyte crazy? Continue »


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