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WTF: Homo Thuggin???

Posted by Bossip Staff


We heard about the Rachel Roy divorce along with the Diddy, Xhibit, and the “fingers all up in yo booty” situation, but come on y’all.  Notice Jimmy not wanting any part of the rancid behavior.

Pop it to see more of them in the studio working on a “joint” venture Continue »

Chingy Denies the Tranny Humping

Posted by Bossip Staff


Yesterday we told you about Ching-a-ling getting it in with the tranny. Of course Chingy denied it. In video response he has this suspect smirk on that says multitudes…

Pop it and watch him downlow-signaling through the whole ordeal. Continue »

Not Very Manful Fonz

Posted by Bossip Staff


Fonzworth Bentley was in the Toyota Pro-Celeb Race with Raven Symone. We were going to leave him alone, but damn! That Buffalo stance is way to much. SMH..

Pop it to see Raven Symone in a form fitting flame retardant suit. Continue »

Crooked-Wrist Files: The Unthinkable Pizza Topping

Posted by Bossip Staff


Some lisp-ridden Dominoes employees did the unthinkable to someones food, y’all. These people on the video you’re about to see should really make you consider lessening fast food in your diet. These imbeciles need to be stoned with granite.

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Washington D.C. is Riding With the Gays

Posted by Bossip Staff


According to the new, Livesteez, D.C., aka, Chocolate City, is siding with the gays on the same sex marriage issue:

Washington D.C.’s city council voted unanimously on Tuesday in favor of recognizing same-sex marriages from other states by a vote of 12-0.  The bill is not set to go to Congress which has the final say over D.C.’s laws which may now forces lawmakers to take action over a matter they previously left to the states.  The amendment reads:  “A marriage legally entered into in another jurisdiction between two persons of the same sex that is recognized as valid in that jurisdiction, that is not expressly prohibited by [the city's existing marriage law] shall be recognized in the District.” Continue »

Jamie Foxx’s Man-stalker Nabbed After Trying to Bust Into His Hotel Suite

Posted by Bossip Staff


A man who claimed he was meant to be with Jamie Fox has been arrested after Foxx had to fend that f*ckup off when he tried to force his way into his suite in Philly:

A man who forced his way into Jamie Foxx‘s hotel room last week was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of stalking and other charges.On March 22, Steven Taliver, 49, barged into the Oscar winner’s Philadelphia hotel suite after posing as one of Beyonce‘s producers, according to TMZ. After realizing he didn’t know the man, Foxx reportedly managed to keep him from fully entering the room and slammed the door…. Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture???

Posted by Bossip Staff


Dwight “Gay” Eubanks, held an engagement party. He announced his engagement to a woman. The ball headed fool he is kissing doesn’t seem to understand, What is Wrong With This Picture, besides the poodle pants.

Pop it to see some of the ATL Housewives that made it… Continue »

Thug Rapper Says “I Would Rather Be Called a Girl Than a Gorilla, At Least a N*gga Gon’ F*ck Me”

Posted by Bossip Staff


Max B, the Lil Jim Jones lookalike with the blown out perm and glitter, is on trial for murder at the moment. Him and his boy, French Montana, go at Jim Jones pretty hard in the video below.

Max says he has Jim Jones’ fiance getting freaky on his camera phone amongst some other bullsh*t.

Pop the hood and watch this fool dry snitch himself out, and watch the jail-gayness he displays at the 3:40 mark. Continue »

Down Low & Dirty

Posted by Bossip Staff


The DL fellas had the nerve to make some type of pseudo-horror flick, as if their double-dipping ways aren’t scary enough as is. If you dare, then Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture???

Posted by Bossip Staff


We wouldn’t dare put our finger on the problem. Maybe you Bossip Folk can help us out this Saturday…

What is Wrong With This Picture???

The Plot Thickens For Eddy Curry and His Gay Lovin’ Drama

Posted by Bossip Staff


Looks like your boy Eddy Curry is trying to get his little ‘workplace sex case‘ dropped: Continue »

The Gays Land a Spot In The Merriam-Webster Dictionary…

Posted by Bossip Staff


Gay marriage is now in defined in the dictionary, girl: Continue »

The Gayest Video Ever: Keep It In The Closet

Posted by Bossip Staff


Sorry, but at the 4:50 mark, your boy definitely comes OUT of the closet and the gorgeous Naomi is gone! She rubs him down, and he runs away… to the closet.

Pop the hood and get a good laugh… Continue »

Neverland Filled With Booty Hole Naked Sculptures of Boys??

Posted by Bossip Staff


Michael Jackson is fighting to keep the public from hearing about the weird sh*t being auctioned off from his old home, like boy mannequin’s, wigs, and a whole truck load of sculptured boys: Continue »

Amber Rose is an Ex-Stripper Living out a Fairy Tale

Posted by Bossip Staff


It turns out Kanye West’s new piece, Amber Rose, is a former stripper and apparently had a relationship with a faded up bull-dagger stud chick.

Kanye told us about her on the song, Stronger:

This is Louis Vuitton Don night
So we gonna do everything that Kan like
Heard they’d do anything for a Klondike
Well I’d do anything for a blonde-dike
And she’ll do anything for the limelight
And we’ll do anything when the time’s right
Ugh, baby, you’re makin’ it (harder, better, faster, stronger)


Pop the hood to see the proof as well as some of Kanye riding last night in Europe… Continue »


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