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Herman “The Godfather” Cain Wants To Stop You Dummies From Being Able To Vote [Video]

Hey, he’s Herman Cain!

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Hating Since The Jump: Herman Cain Says “People Are Not As Stupid As The Obamacare Administration Thinks!” [Video]

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Herman ‘Touch Caucasian Cakes’ Cain: “I Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race Because Of Gutter Politics, Stupid People, & Keeping Family First”

Herman Cain

Your boy Herman Cain is bizzzack and he and his 9-9-9-isms hit the stage at the CPAC conference where he discussed a plethora of things such as teleprompters, gutter politics, and the Bible: Continue »

One Year Wonders: People We Probably Won’t Give Half A Damn About Come This Time Next Year


These people are going to fall off in no time. Bank on it. Continue »


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