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Will Smith Shares Blended Family Photo


8 Rachet Hairstyles Jada Pinkett Smith Has Rocked Over The Years


We love her, but we can’t deny that these styles are a little wild…

9 Epic Celebrity Double Dates


Insecure: Women Who Don’t Seem To Trust Their Men At All

2004 World Music Awards - After Party
“This and that bout such and such….damn, where is the f****n trust?” Continue »

The Smith’s Reaction To Miley Cyrus Performance At 2013 VMA’s Is Pure Comedy! [Video]

the smiths

SMH @ Jaden’s expression…

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Who Knew Kerry Could Hold A Note? 15 Actors Who Can Sing


She’s not the only one. Check out these other actors who can sing.

Rock Mom: Jada Pinkett Smith Rocks The Stage


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