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That Was You!? Small Roles Big Stars Had In Your Favorite Shows And Movies Before They Were Famous

small roles with big stars

Here is a list of 15 famous folks who had small roles in some of your favorite shows and movies, and you didn’t even notice.

Young Swirl: Kylie Jenner & Jaden Smith Make It Official With A Kiss? [Video]

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Jada Pinkett-Smith Angrily Responds To Scrutiny Over Daughter Willow Smith In Bed With Grown Man Photo “You Guys Are Pedophiles!” [Video]

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Jada Pinkett Smith Takes Over Crime In Batman TV Series! [Video]

Smith faces off with Jim Gordon in the new show.

14 Fab Side Cornrow Hairstyles


Will Smith Shares Blended Family Photo


8 Rachet Hairstyles Jada Pinkett Smith Has Rocked Over The Years


We love her, but we can’t deny that these styles are a little wild…


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