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Black Female Power: 15 Superstars Who Own It


What Was That? Singers & Rappers We Can Never Understand In Songs

Can't hear you

We still love them, of course, but we’d just like to know what exactly they’re saying on a track every once in a while .

He’s Really Not That Sick Of Love Songs Ya’ll: 9 Jams You Probably Didn’t Know Ne-Yo Wrote

Ne-Yo PF

He can express the emotions of a fed up woman better than most women can! And that’s why Ne-Yo is a successful songwriter…and rich.

7 Adorable Photos Of Janet Jackson & Tupac Shakur


9 Things You Didn’t Know About Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

I’m A Grooown Woman, But I Sing And Talk Like A Child: Celebrities With Baby Voices

Braxton Family Values at STK

Lots of celebrities have made their names with they’re baby voices.

People Who Can’t “Sang” But Still Make Good Music


Just because a person can’t sang like some of the greats, doesn’t mean they don’t have talent and can’t make good music.