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The Male Gold Digger Is Real: 10 Men Who Received Big Money When They Split From Their Famous Exes


Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Once these relationships ended, the following men fought hard for the hard-earned money of their former loves.

10 Best Janet Jackson Songs for Every Mood


Black Female Power: 15 Superstars Who Own It


What Was That? Singers & Rappers We Can Never Understand In Songs

Can't hear you

We still love them, of course, but we’d just like to know what exactly they’re saying on a track every once in a while .

He’s Really Not That Sick Of Love Songs Ya’ll: 9 Jams You Probably Didn’t Know Ne-Yo Wrote

Ne-Yo PF

He can express the emotions of a fed up woman better than most women can! And that’s why Ne-Yo is a successful songwriter…and rich.

7 Adorable Photos Of Janet Jackson & Tupac Shakur


9 Things You Didn’t Know About Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

I’m A Grooown Woman, But I Sing And Talk Like A Child: Celebrities With Baby Voices

Braxton Family Values at STK

Lots of celebrities have made their names with they’re baby voices.