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Turn Down: 15 Hottest Celebrity Vacation Spots


Forest Hills Drive: J.Cole Talks Not Aiming To Make Hits, Jay Z Not Coming To His Shows & Inspiring Kids Beyond Music Or Sports


I don’t want to inspire kids to rap. I want to let them know that anything they want to do is possible.”

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All This Power: Celebrity Couples & the Business of Love


How Cute: Watch Footage Of Jay-Z & Beyonce Dancing It Up At Solange’s Wedding Reception [Video]

Damn… It looks like a really good time!!!

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Who IS Solange’s Fiancé? Well-Known Music Videos You Probably Didn’t Know Were Directed By Alan Ferguson

Alan Ferguson PF

In case you didn’t know, he’s done a lot more than just be Solange’s main squeeze.


Pastor Manning’s “Jay-Z & Beyonce Parable To End Abortion In America” [Video]

Huh? We are really at church right now!

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Migos “Quality Time” Ep.1: Jay-Z & Beyonce Plus More Cameos [Video]

Wow… Thee God MC payed homage.
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On The Come Up: Jay-Z Toasts To His Stake In Ace Of Spades Champagne [Video]

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Why Is Beyonce Swaying Back & Forth With No Music Playing? Court Side Footage Of The Carters At Brooklyn Nets Game [Video]

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Halloween Fright Show: The Scariest Rappers And Singers So Far



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