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Just Gotta Make It: 10 Artists Who Completely Changed Their Sound (And Look) To Get Put On



Bet you didn’t know Katy Perry used to do gospel…and remember when Pink was black (kidding!)?

2Pac, Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z, & More Reimagined In Vintage Ads [Photos]

Art and Hip-Hop are meeting in the middle quite often these days. Continue »

New Kim Kardashian Bikini Booty Feature! [Video]

Cakes are errywhere!

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Kanye West, Drake, Rick Ross & More Illustrated As Famous Cartoon Characters [Photos]


German graphic designer Zhi-Yun Zhang today blends Hip-Hop and cartoon artistry in his latest series of illustrations Continue »

Shots Fired: The Breakfast Club Call New Hot 97 Reality Show “Radio Wives,” Talk Infamous Kanye Interview, And More [Video]

The Breakfast Club hung out with Bossip and discussed all the latest. Continue »

10 True Hustlers: Where Celebrities Worked Before Fame


Khloe Kardashian Quits Interview When Hosts Starts “Disrespecting” [Video]


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All Nori Everything: More Precious Pics Of Little Miss North West With Her Parents From KimYe’s Vogue Shoot


Looks like Nori has her little signature expression down to a T already!

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‘This is Hot 97′ Full Ep Sneak Peek: Kanye West Shuts Down Ebro [Video]

Check out the full ep a week before its premiere!

Kim Kardashian’s Thank You Speech For Vogue Cover!!! [Video]

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