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Big Sean On The Breakfast Club Talks Naya Rivera Diss, Ariana Grande, And More [Video]

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Shade Files!: 15 Cheating Celebrity Scandals


Sexual Healing?: 15 Reportedly “Sex-Addicted” Celebs


16 Celebs With the Best Poker Face


Seen On The Scene: Kanye West, Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union And More At ‘Top Five’ NYC Premiere

New York premiere of 'Top Five'

It’s great to see other comedic greats and Kanye all lining up to support Chris Rock! Continue »

Do You Agree? Lil Wayne Says Beyonce & Kanye West Are The Only Other Artists Left Who Strive To Be Unforgettable With Their Music

Weezy says Bey and Kanye are the only two artists left who are on his level… Continue »

Gotta Big Ego: 15 Celebs Kanye West Compares Himself To


KimYe Spend Thanksgiving Apart: Are Break Up Rumors a Publicity Stunt?


Kanye West Performs At Surprise World AIDS Day (Red) Concert And More From The Kardashians [Video]

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Fleek Gone Wrong: 16 Celebs With Horrible Style Moments



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