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Matrimony-dom Bliss: Forest And Keisha “Feed Me Please” Whitaker Coupled Up In Hollyweird

Forest Whitaker and his wife are seen leaving Bodhi Tree Bookstore in Hollywood, CA.

Forest Whitaker was spotted coppin’ books with his bangin’ but extremely slimmy trimmy wife-piece Keisha Whitaker in Hollyweird. Continue »

Happy Birthday: Keisha Whitaker Turns 38 With A Gang Of People In NYC

Everyone came out to celebrate Keisha Whitaker’s birthday at a private dinner at NYC’s Juliet Supper Club. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Pop the top to see who hit up the party scene and to see more pics of Forest and Keisha coupled up and kissy faced. Continue »

Some Morning Handsome

Lance Gross attended the premiere of the new flick “Our Family Wedding” looking all chocolatey and scrumptious. Eva sure is one lucky chick..

More images from the premiere when you.. Continue »

Question of the Day: How Thin is “Too Thin”???

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Not to single out Keisha Whitaker’s bony booty or anything, but really? How thin is too thin? Hollyweird has these broads thinking that skeletor/bobblehead look is acceptable. Regina King, on the other hand, looks slim, toned and healthy…

Check out more of Keisha’s skin ‘n bones and Regina King when you… Continue »


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Muhammad Ali and Michael Phelps

Muhammad Ali and Michael Phelps hit up Ali’s Celeb Fight Night XV in Phoenix. Pretending to hit the Greatest probably had Michael feeling pretty good about himself, but not as good as hitting that bong. Weed ain’t even a real drug anyway…

Jordin Sparks, Forest Whitaker, his eating-disorder-skinny wife, Keisha, and more when you go ahead and Continue »

Taraji P. Henson’s Star Shines at SAG Awards

Posted by Bossip Staff

Taraji P. Henson

Although our girl, Taraji P. Henson, didn’t win a SAG award, she still looked glamorous as ever just for good measure.  We’re still very proud of her for her nomination, though.

Taye Diggs and his wife, Viola Davis, Keisha and Forest Whitaker, and more Taraji below.

Taye DiggsViola DavisKeisha and Forest WhitakerTaraji P. Henson

A few more when you… Continue »

Bangers’ Activities

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The bangers were definitely out and about in Hollyweird last night. Mary, Sanaa Lathan, Garcelle Beauvias-Nilon, and Skeletor all came out to the Catherine Malandrino Maison store opening. Just out of sick curiosity, who would motorboat Keisha “Skeletor” Whitaker?

The Hottest Chick in the Game

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Michelle Obama is on top right now, here she is speaking at Delegate Day at the Democratic National Convention in Denver wearing a shirt that reads “Support our Troops”. Such a great role model for women everywhere. YES WE CAN!!!

More celebs at the DNC including Star Jones and her Michael Jackson wig game are on the flip.. Continue »

Seen on the Scene

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LeToya Luckett, Keisha Whitaker, Estelle among others, including G-Unit reject Olivia hit up make up artist AJ Crimson’s birthday party last night in New York. What rock has Olivia’s ass been hiding under? We haven’t seen her in a bit.  Probably laying low, since Bugsy’s been making niccas cry these days.

Peep Snoop performing with some white girls on stage at Christian Audigier’s I Move You Move trade show under on the flippy… Continue »

Coupled Up

Posted by Bossip Staff

Keisha Whitaker gazes lovingly at her husband Forest Whitaker at the Premiere Party for TLC’s “Who Are you Wearing”. Love is blind and beautiful. SMH.

Photos: Wireimage

View images of Vivica Fox as a “Glam God” right now.. Continue »


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