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A History Of Khia Versus Nicki Minaj: Is Khia Just Jealous?

Khia NIcki Minaj

When rapper Khia released her track “My Neck, My Back” in 2002 she enjoyed a quick burst of fame for her raunchy ladies anthem that took the urban market by storm. Continue »

Ginuwine Hosts Listening Party For New Album

Ginuwine Listening Party

Ginuwine held a listening party for his new album Elgin at Straits Monday night in Atlanta.

A number of guests were in the building including Sister 2 Sister Magazine Editor-in-chief Jamie Foster-Brown, singer Sunshine Anderson, Tank, rapper Khia, Ray Lavender, Producer Stevie J., Nate Walker, Bryan Michael-Cox, Troy Davis, Chaka Zulu and Princess from Crime Mob.

Ginuwine, who previously made headlines for filming the video for “What Could Have Been”, with actress Malinda Williams will drop his new project Feb.8, 2011.

Check out the photos and video at

What Is Wrong With This Picture???


Here’s everyone’s favorite female rapper, Khia. Something is a lil “special” about this picture, but we’re not quite sure what is it. Can you please help us? Continue »

Khia Goes To Jail… Rapper Arrested AGAIN

Khia Mugshot

“My Neck, My Back” rapper Khia was arrested in Atlanta, Wednesday for “endangering security interest.” Continue »

Khia Can’t Be Serious: What’s Wrong With This Video???

"Khia's Interview with ABC News"

Khia hit up ABC News to talk about her new single “Been a Bad Girl” and her tour. This has to be considered one of the fakest interviews anyone has ever seen. Pay attention to the lady interviewing Khia, is she playing her to the left or is she making fun of her???

Pop the Top for a Peek Continue »

New Video: Khia… What Arts And Crafts Fair Did You Jack For Your “Been A Bad Girl” Video?!?!

"Khia's New Video - Been a Bad Girl"

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse than SolangeKhia proved us wrong. In her new video “Been a Bad Girl”, it looks like she straight hi-jacked the local elementary school’s arts and crafts fair. We are so lost for words on this mess…

Pop the Top and Tell Us What You Think… Continue »

Khia Disses Nicki Minaj… Again

Khia Nicki Minaj

Khia is continuing to cause controversy by riding on the coattails of female Hip-Hop’s hottest rising star. Pop the hood to find out what she’s saying now… Continue

Khia Says “When You Got Money Like Lil’ Wayne And Tiger Woods, You Can Have As Many Wives As You Want!!!”

Khia must have an album coming out because she is taking shots at all the female “so-called” emcees. First it was Trina, now it’s Nicki Minaj but before we even get to that, check out what she had to say about Lil Wayne and all his babies…

“I’m just letting him sow all his royal oats and have fun. I’m his biggest fan…I don’t want no babies I’m gonna let them have all the babies that they want. He’s the king, Continue »


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