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From L.A. Skid Row To X Factor: The Black Mick Jagger Kick Ball Changes To Beyonce At Judge Nicole Scherzinger’s House [Fixed Video]

X Factor - Dexter Haygood

When you put Platforms, Jean Jacket with Memphis Airbrushed on it and Mick Jagger moves… what do you get?!? Continue »

Black Don’t Crack: Do You Believe That X Factor Contestant Leroy Bell Is 59?


Simon Cowell’s X-Factor has wrapped up the boot camp sessions and now the contestants are headed to the judges houses for what… more eliminations! Continue »

Rihanna: L.A. Reid Is A ‘Pain In The A**’ & Simon Is ‘Raw’

Did L.A. Reid Just Put On His Red Cape And Save Ci-ERROR Ciara?!?

Ciara and L.A. Reid

Only a few months ago Ciara was homeless… Continue »

Antoine Dodson Lookalike And His Boy Band On X-Factor Singing Boyz-2-Men: Did They Kill It Or Spill It? [Video]

The boys performed “End Of The Road,” which is smart being that L.A. Reid wrote it…

True Or False: L.A. Reid Is Leaving Def Jam To Do Reality T.V.

LA Reid

Rumors of L.A. Reid leaving or being fired from Def Jam have abounded for years… are they finally true? Continue »

L.A. Reid’s Youngest Seed Is Taking Another Shot At This Music Thing— Not So Much!!!

L.A. Reid and son Aaron Reid

L.A. Reid is the president of one of the biggest urban labels in the music industry, but can’t seem to do anything for his son Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Nas Tells Def Jam To Stop Playing With Kelis’ Money


Maybe the executives at Def Jam have forgotten that Nas is subsidizing Kelis‘ career missteps these days. Continue »


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