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Cash Money Being Sued for 2 Milli

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The owners of Cash Money Records are being sued by some cat they ganked for 2 milli: Continue »

Jumping the Gun

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Lil Wayne

Lil’ Wayne was quick to think he was going to get his gun charges dropped, but he was politely told to sit that ass down by a Manhattan Court:

A Manhattan judge shot down rapper Lil’ Wayne’s bid to toss a gun case lodged against him – and instead set a trial date.

Defense lawyer Stacey Richman tried to quash the July 2007 arrest, claiming a cop lied about smelling marijuana wafting out of the Grammy winner’s tour bus and used it as an excuse to board. Continue »

Rumor: Lauren London Pregnant With Weezy’s Baby?!?

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Bossip just caught wind that Lauren London may be pregnant. Continue »

50 Cent to Lil Wayne: “Lets Deal With the Issue”

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50 & Weezy

When MTV asked 50 about the Lil Wayne beef, he responded by saying there was no clarity…:

“It’s been so long since I was saying anything about Lil Wayne,” 50 added, admitting he started with Wayne last year. “I gave him an award…. Continue »

Lil’ Wayne Making It Rain Grammys on Them Hoes…And Sportin’ A Ring?

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Lil Wayne Sporting Wedding Ring

Lil’ Weezy got it in on behalf of himself and New Orleans as he took home 4 Grammys. Bossip also noticed that he was rocking a ring on his left hand. Has Weezy tied the knot?:

On a night filled with emotion, memorable performances and legal drama, Lil Wayne emerged as a multiple winner Sunday (Feb. 8) during the 51st annual Grammy Awards. Continue »

“Today Is My Due Date” Swag

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Peep M.I.A. and her fetus with the “Rap Pack” during their ‘Swagger Like Us” performance.

Many more “water-breaking” pics when you… Continue »

Quote of the Day: Lil Wayne Says He Stays High on Dank and He Doesn’t F*ck with Sizzurp…Anymore

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Lil Wayne said he stays with some trees but gave up the “screwed-up” swag:

During a well publicized interview with Katie Couric for a pre-Grammy awards special, Wayne admitted that he still smokes marijuana. Instead of harping on it’s recreational use, Wayne says that he partakes in the sticky to help fight migraine headaches “that make me wanna just kill myself.””I will stand up for marijuana any day… I’m a rapper. That’s who I am… and I am a gangster and I do what I want. And I love to smoke. And I smoke,” Wayne said. Although he admitted to smoking weed, Wayne insists he no sips “syrup,” a mix of prescription grade codeine and promethazine…. Continue »

Weezy Does Katie Couric

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It’s official. Hip Hop has weaved its way into every facet of mainstream America. In a recent Katie Couric Grammy special, Lil Wayne discussed his music, and why he dropped the “D” from his name… Continue »

Lil Wayne’s New Jawn: Prom Queen

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According to Livesteez, Lil Wayne’s new song from his rock album has been leaked onto the net, so he released it today on his Myspace page:

The self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” is ready to storm the Internet with his new single, which will debut today on MySpace and then be performed live on Facebook on Wednesday. Despite being leaked to the internet early, Lil Wayne is set to unveil “Prom Queen,” the first single from his April album Rebirth, on his MySpace page Tuesday, marking the first new material from Wayne since his mega-selling Tha Carter III shattered all expectations in 2008. Once “Queen”… Continue »

Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West Build Buzz for Unpopular Grammy’s

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Lil’ Wayne will be headlining a group of rap stars, including Kanye West, to help build some buzz for the “barely breathing” Grammy’s: Continue »

50’s Sh*t List

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Curtis strikes out at Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Oprah in his new album:

50 Cent has hit out at rival Kanye West – accusing his fellow rapper of going soft. [50 Cent] called out West for ditching rap in favor of soppy love songs on his new album 808s and Heartbreak – and even suggests the Stronger star is gay. Continue »

Lil’ Wayne to Cover Superbowl Event For ESPN

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Lil' Wayne

Well, black folk, let’s all get ready to be embarrassed; Lil’ Wayne’s gonna be covering an ESPN event from the red carpet: Continue »

Keyshia Cole Does Kansas City

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Look at your girl Keyshia Cole letting her music just take her away as she performed along with Lil’ Wayne and T-Pain in Kansas City, Missouri.  Watch your step, baby girl…we’d hate to have to clown that ass if you hit the deck like you know who.

More Keyshia, Weezy, and Tallahassee Pain when you… Continue »

Lil’ Wayne to Drop Rock Album

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Yep, y’all, word is that Lil’ Weezy is gonna be coming out with a rock album, as if we hadn’t had enough of him:

Canadian rapper Drake recently revealed that Lil Wayne is working on an upcoming rock album, and he’ll be on it.

In an interview with, the rapper — who hails from Toronto — said that he’ll be featured on Weezy’s upcoming rock music project.

“Wayne’s coming out with a new album, it’s a rock album,” he said. “A complete rock album. I have a song on there.”

Drake compared Weezy’s attempt at rock to Kanye West’s attempts at singing on his latest album 808s and Heartbreak, saying it will throw “individuals off.”

We suppose we are the wrong website to be posing this question, but here goes nothing: who’s checking for Weezy’s rock album??


Weezy Blasts X-Factor

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Looks like Lil Wayne still has a few good brain cells left in that big dome of his:

In these days of media training and artists with very little to say- you have to love Lil’ Wayne. Ask him a question and he’ll give you an answer. In a recent interview the 26-year-old was asked if he would have entered a talent show like X-Factor and the rapper didn’t pull any punches. Continue »


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