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Rumor: Lauren London’s Gonna Drop Lil’ Weezy’s Baby…Again

Posted by Bossip Staff

lauren london

We reported back in February that Lauren London and Lil Weezy were possibly expecting a baby and it looks like the rumor is true. Continue »

More Talk of Baby Kissing Lil Wayne: “I’m the Only One He Kiss Like Dat…Dats How We Roll”

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We thought Lil Wayne and Baby may have been caught in a bad predicament, well that’s untrue. We have newly leaked footage of him saying he kisses Wayne in the mouth…and what?

Pop the top and peep… Continue »

Reggie and Weezy Chill At N.O. Hornets Playoffs

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We have been wondering where Reggie Bush has been of late.  We mean, his girl is working wigs out in NY, while he is at Hornets games with Wayne cutting it up.

Pop the top to see more Reggie and Lil Waynes teeth all over the court Continue »

Eminem Wants Weezy for Collabo

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Unlike the reports that Em was dodging Weezy, the two are actually fans of each other’s lyrical prowess.

Eminem’s a popular guy in hip-hop circles nowadays, with Rick Ross calling on Slim Shady to collaborate — or battle! — with him, and there’s been Lil Wayne’s constant request to work with the Detroit lyricist. Weezy has even said Eminem has been dodging him. Continue »

Weezy Back In Court For Potential Cappin’ of @sses

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Lil’ Wayne knows a thing or two about legal drama. Let’s hope he learns his lesson soon ‘cuz if he gets locked up, there’s no need for a Hot Boys reunion.

Pop it for more Continue »

Weezy and His Boys are Heating up the Block Again

Posted by Bossip Staff


Lil Weezy has reassembled his crew of N’awlins niccas with the gold grills and matching chains…the Hot Boys: Continue »

Package…What Package??

Posted by Bossip Staff


Lil Wayne performed in Miami last night at the The Blacks’ Annual Gala to benefit The Consequences Program and Bay Point Schools. We love seeing the stars help out with A “Lil Positivity”. Side note; is little Wayne packing anything in the drawers at all?

Pop it and see Patti LaBelle and…Craig David? Continue »

Quote of The Day

Posted by Bossip Staff


As part of his marketing strategy for his new release, Eminem d*k rides TI & Weezy: Continue »

Lil Wayne Has Ideal Baby Mamas

Posted by Bossip Staff


Lil Wayne is paying homage to his babie’s mothers for being so understanding. The P*ssy in My Mouth crooner says that the women will wake up at three in the morning at his beckon call:

Rapper LIL WAYNE has paid tribute to the mothers of his two kids for making sure the busy star always gets to spend quality time with his son and daughter – whenever he wants. The hitmaker admits life on the road means he often spends months away from his kids – but his former lovers go out of their way to make sure they’re always available when he calls or requests a meeting…. Continue »

Lil’ Wayne Sues Company for Negative Depiction in “The Carter” Documentary

Posted by Bossip Staff

Lil' Wayne

Rapper turned rocker, Lil’ Wayne, and his camp aren’t happy about how he has been portrayed in documentary, The Carter, and he is suing per a breach of contract that stated he’d have the final say-so in the footage used: Continue »

Lil Wayne Will Only Do Rock?

Posted by Bossip Staff


Lil Wayne is trying to switch it up on you ho’s and take his Twang-Rap to Twang-Rock. Now what Rappers? Remember, Prom Queen,  and the Rolling Stone cover? Those two clues are just an intro into this dudes new steez:

Rap superstar LIL WAYNE was determined to produce an experimental rock album – because he was “tired” of his successful hip-hop career. The Lollipop hitmaker is attempting to cross musical boundaries from rap to rock with forthcoming record Rebirth – and has come under fire from some detractors for attempting the feat…. Continue »

Lil’ Wayne: The New Rock Star

Posted by Bossip Staff

Lil' Wayne

Check out your cousin, Lil’ Wayne, on the cover of Rolling Stone, heavily entrenched in his rocker persona. The fella we know as Weezy today is but a mere resemblance of the young hotboy from the NO, but we can dig it all the same.

Rock on with your bad self and peep more pics under the hood. Continue »

Copyright Infringement Courtesy of Lil’ Wayne

Posted by Bossip Staff

Lil' Wayne

Lil’ Wayne has been ordered to produce the papers that document the stacks he received from the sales of Tha Carter III:

A U.S. judge has ordered rapper LIL WAYNE to hand over accounts of the royalties he garnered from his latest album THA CARTER III to a folk singer who accuses the star of copyright infringement. Continue »

Keri Hilson To Bey: “Sit Cho @ss Down & Have Some Babies”

Posted by Bossip Staff

wayne-and-keri hilson

We stand corrected – Little Miss Keri Hilson is putting Bey on blast in her Turnin Me On remix ft. Lil Wayne & T-Pain?? Pop it and listen for yourselves. Continue »

Weezy Beat The Rap….This Time

Posted by Bossip Staff


Lil Wayne is probably throwing a few pints of Dimetapp behind this sh*t: Continue »


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