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Lil Wayne Doesn’t Listen To Rap Anymore

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Lil’ Wayne has joined the movement of successful rappers who say they don’t listen to rap. That’s a shame because it’s scary to think what Lil’ Wayne would be, let alone look like (yuck), without rap.

Lil’ Wayne is MTV’s Man of the Year

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How does Lil’ Wayne know he’s the man? Because MTV says so:

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is no longer just your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. In fact, considering the way he’s been carrying around a guitar lately, you could be forgiven for wondering if he event wants to be a rapper anymore. But the fact remains that for 12 long months, no one dominated hip-hop like Wayne did. No one sold more records, generated more headlines or appeared on as many tracks. No one flooded the market with as much product, and — in a genre loaded with compelling characters — no one was as mercurial, controversial, hilarious and, well, bizarre as Weezy was. Continue »

Lil Wayne: Another Day, Another Lawsuit

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Lil Wayne‘s in the hot seat again:

A federal lawsuit filed in May claims rapper Lil’ Wayne didn’t have permission to sample a song by singer Karma-Ann Swanepoel.

Lawyers for the rap star are seeking more time to turn over documents in response to a lawsuit that accuses the award-winning recording artist of copyright infringement.

The suit says Lil’ Wayne’s record label, Cash Money Records, tried but failed to negotiate a license to use Swanepoel’s song “Once” before millions of people downloaded the rapper’s song “I Feel Like Dying.”

A court filing Tuesday by Lil’ Wayne’s attorneys asks a judge in New Orleans to extend a Friday deadline for turning over documents requested by lawyers for the company that published Swanepoel’s song, reports The Associated Press.

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Weezy best prepare to shell over a percentage of those stacks. In other Weezy news, your boy is a little concerned about Plaxico Burress. In his “words”:

The Giants should be on everyone’s list to beat right now. Don’t look now but they’re slightly better than last year. And with Plaxico, I mean, they won all the games he missed earlier this season anyway. I don’t see the Plaxico incident having any kind of effect on them.

The whole Plaxico thing kind was crazy because immediately afterward everyone was talking about the legal implications and what are the Giants going to do with him now, and no one stopped and said, My God, this guy just shot himself. Is he okay? Was it stupid? Of course. I mean, I accidentally shot myself when I was twelve and that’s a scary lesson to learn. But before you go yelling at him and talking about his punishment for being so stupid it’s like, Guy, is your leg okay? I was amazed no one was asking that question. The guy just shot himself in the leg!

Livesteez, Source 2

Chris Brown Named Billboard’s Artist of the Year

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Breezy is getting it in like no other right now and surely making it rain on them hoes, and everyone alike:

Music industry bible Billboard has named Brown Artist of the Year after his hits With You, and Forever, and massive collaboration with Jordin Sparks, No Air.

The award is judged on album sales, downloads and radio play. Lil Wayne came second on the magazine’s list- thanks to hits like A Milli, Lollipop and his massive-selling album, Tha Carter III.

Chris’s missus Rihanna came third, Alicia Keys fourth and Taylor Swift fifth. Brown also bagged Artist of the Year in 2005.

Take a day off, Breezy. Other artists want a shot at some shine too, geeze.


Seen on The Scene: Lil Bow Wow & Lil Wayne

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Weezy & Bow Wow

Weezy was getting his drank on while kickin’ it with Lil Bow Wow at the Miami vs. Wildcats game last night. By the looks of thumb #1, it’s high time Bow Wow to renew his Proactiv prescription.

bow wow at the gamelil-wayne-and-bow-wowlil-wayne-and-bow-wow2


Lil’ Wayne on the Cover of Urban Ink Magazine

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Here’s your favorite hot boy, Lil’ Wayne, on the cover of Urban Ink Magazine. Lil’ woadie is about to run out of skin to get tattooed, and we sure hate to think of what body part all that syrup sippin’ might have him get tatted next. Ouch.

One more for you when you… Continue »

Weezy F. Burberry

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Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne appeared at court for his gun charges in NYC with his little tatted up Burberry swag in full effect. SMH at him having “a gun” tattooed/written in the palm of his hand. We know some of you ladies cream your pants for this interesting little critter, but damn, there is not that much swagger in the world. Peep some close ups below:

Lil Waynelil wayneLil Wayne "A Gun"

Peep someone who is pretty much the direct opposite of Mr. F. Baby on the flippy… Continue »

Grammy Nominations Are In

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Lil' Wayne

And the nominees are… Continue »

Weezy Celebrates Daughter’s B-Day

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lil-wayne-daughter bday

It was all fun and games at Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae’s birthday bash at Atlanta’s 300 Bowling Alley last night. Monica & TI joined in on the festivities too.

lil-wayne-daughter bday6lil-wayne-daughter bday1lil-wayne-daughter bday2lil-wayne-daughter bday4

Mucho mas when you Continue »

Lil’ Wayne’s Album Tops Pop Charts

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Lil’ Wayne’s album is on top of the pop charts:

Lil Wayne’s multi-million-selling album Tha Carter III has been named the Best Album of 2008 in the year’s first pop poll.

The rapper’s hit album beat Girl Talk’s “Feed The Animals” release and TV on the Radio’s “Dear Science” in the new Blender magazine hitlist.

We knew Weezy was doing it big, but to top the Pop charts means that all those Caucasian teenie-boppers are your main fan base. Just wait until soccer moms find out that isn’t purple Kool-Aid in those styrofoam cups. SMH


Weezy Leaves ‘em Hangin’

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Lil Wayne seems to be on some diva ish these days:

Hip-Hop’s 2008 MVP Lil Wayne has again disappointed fans by canceling his second consecutive show in Rochester, NY. The heavily advertised concert was scheduled for December 6, and this time would have featured fellow superstar T.I as a co-headliner.

On October 26, Wayne allegedly walked out on promoters and fans due to his displeasure with the venue’s sound system. After bad press from the incident and other no-shows around the country, the New Orleans emcee negotiated a new date with the concert organizers for December 6.

This time the postponement centers on T.I., who apparently double-booked himself to also appear on Saturday Night Live the night of the concert. Wayne balked at doing the show solo, and now the concert will commence on December 13 with just T.I. Wayne fans that purchased tickets for the December 6 show have until December 3 to obtain a refund. Unfortunately, those that purchased tickets for the October 26 show will not be able to exchange their tickets for T.I.’s show. Instead, these ticketholders will be forced to wait for a third Lil Wayne date to be announced. At press time, Wayne is expected to again reschedule a concert appearance for the Rochester area.

With all those heads out there spending their hard earned money during these tough economic times, the least he could’ve done was take his scruffy ass out on stage and do his thing for a couple of hours. SMH


Keri Hilson With Lil’ Wayne: Turning Me On

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Check out Keri Hilson’s latest track and video and she is looking cute, as always. Polow the Don produced this song, without Rich Boi on it, surprise, but we’re sure there will be some room for him on the remix.

What do Bossipers think of her newest track?

Jim Jones Ft. Weezy, Twista and NOE “Swagger Like Us”

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After b*tching and moaning about not being on the original version of “Swagger Like Us” with Hova, Yeezy, Weezy, and Tip, your boy Jimmy Jones has his own version with Lil Wayne, Twista, and “NOE”.

Have a listen:

What do you think?

Lil’ Wayne Performs at the CMA’s

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Lil’ Wayne performed at the Country Music Awards in Nashville. Can you imagine the shock and horror on those white peoples’ faces when they announced there was a special guest, and it was a real live negro? Some people probably demanded their money back.

A few more pics for you below.

Kanye on The Cover of Fader

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This is Kanye’s crunchy mug on the cover of the 10th anniversary issue of Fader magazine. Here’s a charming quote from the article:

“What I want is for people to realize at this point is, I don’t give a f*uck. That’s why I made this album. I’m using auto-tune because I don’t give a f*ck. I like the way it sounds.”

We also have more bean spillage off of Yay’s new new album featuring the Gobblin and their ever so trusty Vocoder. These cats think they’re singers now. SMH

Is anyone out there feeling Tell Everybody That You Know, by the dynamic duo?

Shout out to ICEDOTCOM.