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Rihanna’s BFF Caught Digging Up Her Nose And Eminem Hits The Stage With Rihanna At Activision E3

"Rihanna and Melissa Ford Shopping at Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles"

Rihanna and her BFF Melissa Ford were spotted shopping in L.A. and the paps just happen to catch Melissa digging up her nose. She should know all eyes are on her at all times when she’s rolling with Rihanna…

Pop the Top for Eminem and Rihanna’s Live Performance Continue »

Rihanna And BFF Melissa Have A “Color Purple” Moment…


Rihanna is known for using her body as a canvas with her ump-teen tattoos. Apparently when she got her latest one, so did her bff. Melissa’s tattoo was notice while these two were bopping around Sydney…

Flip the Lid for a Peek Continue »

*Exclusive* Which Former Laker Tried To Catch Fade With Bossip After Being Spotted In A 4/20 Kush Coolout… Swirlin!?!?

(The whiteness is not the camera… but the smoke)

Yesterday was 4-20 and a holiday for reefer smokers globally. The old misconception is that you must live in Amsterdam to smoke freely and in a cool environment. Not true!

Bossip spies were at a spot in Hollywood that serves chronic and people were able to smoke freely. An Ex-NBA player/Laker was present and so was Real & Chance, Dorien Wilson (Professor Ogilvee), Wood Harris, Melyssa Ford, Lisa Raye &HER DAUGHTER Kai, along with other Hollweirdians.

“The scenery was right out of New Jack City, except the crack babies, robbers, and yayo being smoked. The whole place was filled with smoke and Marijuana plants. The music was all rap about weed. When we arrived, we were greeted by D.R. Boogie and Dr. Ingleweed, who presented us with drinks and Kush. After 4 hours of blowing dank… an Ex NBA player strolled past with his swirl in tow. Continue »

Ne-Yo’s Parties With Mickey D’s

Posted by Bossip Staff


Bossip was in the house for Ne-Yo’s Pre-Grammy Brunch sponsored by McDonalds. Lil Mama, Kwame, and Melyssa Ford were there getting their party on as well. When we asked Melyssa Ford about gettin’ it inRaekwon, she said: Continue »


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