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When The Checks Stop Coming In

Posted by Bossip Staff

michael-jackson-and jermaine

Interrupted albino by choice, Michael Jackson is having a garage sale: Continue »

Surgery Slip Gave Michael Jackson Sick Flesh Eating Infection in His Snoz

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The King of Pop has f*cked himself up with all that plastic surgery. Mike’s nose and face is now suffering from a staph infection:

The King Of Pop has allegedly been receiving antibiotics via an intravenous drip in a bid to beat the bug, which sources claim has spread throughout his body. The singer was recently pictured leaving a Beverly Hills, California clinic after a regular check-up – and revealed painfully-inflamed skin on his face and hands. Continue »

The Gayest Video Ever?

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We recently posted an old Milli Vanilli video that sparked debate on what is the gayest video ever in the history of R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop? Well, we got a brand new contender under the hood Continue »

Michael Jackson Albums Flying Off the Shelves?!?!

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MJ has a new super-stan…unfortunately, it ain’t any of us.  Poor thang:

MICHAEL JACKSON was only interested in splashing his cash on one artist at a Hollywood store – himself.

Though the singer really needs to try harder if he wants to remain anonymous in public.

His bizarre bee keeper-style head arrangement failed to mask his unmistakable face as he lifted Michael Jackson box set Visionary: The Complete Singles Collection off the rack.

We gotta help him, y’all.  But, if that consists of touching him, count us out.


Michael Jackson Crashing at New Crib

Posted by Bossip Staff


The King of Pop has got a new crib to lay his disgusting head for the time being:

While there may not be an amusement park or a full zoo in the yard, Michael Jackson has found a new mansion to call home – for a year, at least. The King of Pop has signed a $100,000 per month, yearlong lease on a mansion in the ritzy L.A. neighborhood of Bel Air.

The 50-year-old singer, who’s been battling many legal problems lately and had to sell his iconic Neverland Ranch, has been in the seven bedroom, 13 bathroom house with his three children for a month, and reportedly initiated the move to stay close to the entertainment industry.

His spokesman, Tohme Tohme, calls the property “a little bit more than an average home,” according to the Associated Press, and says Michael promises that the second half of his career “will be better than the first.”

$100,000 a month? If you find it hard to see how renting vs. buying is silly, it’s only right that a fella who owns a pet monkey provides an example. Thanks, MJ.

SMH @ the pics of Never-again-land Ranch under the hood… Continue »

#1 Desperate Media Whore

Posted by Bossip Staff

Latoya Jackson 106.1

The newest Big Brother England housemate, Latoya Jackson, is spreading the rumor the her band of troubled brothers are set to reunite:

The Jackson Five are set for a reunion, according to La Toya. She confessed her famous brothers were keen to hit the road again Continue »

Michael Jackson Does NOT Want to Get Dark Again

Posted by Bossip Staff


They say Jacko was in Beverly Hills at his frequently visited plastic surgeon, and decided to go to a Santa Monica bookstore. Your boy Mike does not want any light to touch his porcelain skin, and that’s why he took the umbrella indoors.

SMH @ what Michael Jackson will subject himself to in his efforts to stay pasty.

On the Up & Up…

Posted by Bossip Staff


Camp Jackson denies the claims that he’s about to kick the bucket:

“Concerning [Halperin’s] allegations, we would hope in the future that legitimate media will not continue to be exploited by such an obvious attempt to promote this unauthorized ‘biography… Continue »

Jacko’s On His Death Bed?

Posted by Bossip Staff


Word is, MJ may be dying from a rare lung condition:

Michael Jackson is suffering from a rare lung condition and needs to undergo an emergency transplant operation, according to a report that continues to gain steam. And his normally outspoken publicist hasn’t denied the allegations. Continue »

What Were You Thinking???: Michael Jackson

Posted by Bossip Staff


MJ was in Beverly Hills yesterday and…just damn, man. The combination of the Zorro mask, the blue tunic, and that evil grin are all perfect ingredients for a week long intervention mini-series. What were you thinking, Michael?

When the Checks Stop Coming In…Start Selling Gloves and Things: Michael Jackson

Posted by Bossip Staff


Jacko just put the infamous Glitter Glove up for grabs and is taking on all bidders in this desperate time of need: Continue »

Akon a Mess Over Scrapped Michael Jackson Duet

Posted by Bossip Staff


Akon is some kind of disappointed that his duet with MJ has been sh*t canned:

Rapper Akon has been left devastated – after his Michael Jackson collaboration was pulled from his new album Freedom. Hold My Hand was thought to have been scrapped due to Jacko’s reluctance to make a comeback and his legal problems. Continue »

Akon’s Still on Dem Nutz

Posted by Bossip Staff


Akon continues to ride Mike’s nut sack. Dig what he says to People Magazine this time:

What surprised you the most about him?
Akon: How humble and how smart he was. Sometimes you get a certain perception from how the media portrays him, but [working with him] was completely opposite. An artist of that caliber and as big as he is, you would think he would have certain qualities that you probably wouldn’t like, such as being very arrogant or stuck up. With him, it was like he had never put out a record before – he still had that hunger.

Damn. We get it already, you like Mike. But we still can’t quite digest that ‘smart’ piece. It really don’t really seem like Mike got too much goin’ by way of intellect these days.

Michael Jackson Settles Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Posted by Bossip Staff

MJ has settled his dispute with a Bahraini prince over millions:

Pop star Michael Jackson has settled a Bahraini prince’s lawsuit accusing him of failing to honor a business deal worth $7 million.

“Sheikh Abdullah and Michael Jackson are pleased to confirm that they have amicably settled their dispute which was in litigation before the High Court in London. They wish each other well in their own, respective endeavors,” the two sides’ legal teams said in a joint statement Monday.

Details of the settlement will remain secret, lawyers for the sheikh said, adding that confidentiality was one of the conditions of the agreement.

The multi-millionaire Bahraini royal had claimed he bailed Jackson out of a financial hole following the singer’s expensive acquittal on child molestation charges in 2005, paying the $2.2 million dollar legal fees and hosting him in his home in Bahrain.

The sheikh accused Jackson of reneging on a contract for a new album and an autobiography — a deal that he says included a $7 million advance.


According to The Associated Press, the 33-year-old said the pair even moved into the same palace in the Gulf state to work on music together. But Jackson dropped the project in 2006, leaving Bahrain and pulling out of the contract.

Jackson’s lawyers maintained the money was a gift and argued that the musician wasn’t bound by the deal because the contract was signed on behalf of 2 Seas Records, a venture which never got off the ground, AP said.

This little transparent nicca is never going to grow up, trying to pull a stunt like this. MJ could have gotten his entire nose pulled off for f*cking around with homeboy’s stacks like that. SMH


This Looks Supsect

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rumor has it that Mr. Thriller here has converted to Islam, and to us that sounds suspect as hell:

MICHAEL JACKSON has become a Muslim – and changed his name to Mikaeel. The skint superstar, 50, donned Islamic garb to pledge allegiance to the Koran in a ceremony at a pal’s mansion in Los Angeles, The Sun can reveal. Jacko sat on the floor wearing a tiny hat after an Imam was summoned to officiate – days before the singer is due to appear at London’s High Court where he is being sued by an Arab sheik. A source told last night how Jacko, brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness, decided to convert as he used a studio at the home of his chum to record a new album. The star – whose hits include The Way You Make Me Feel – was spotted looking “a bit down” by a producer and a songwriter who had both embraced Islam.

Mike says he can’t fly overseas to deal with that lawsuit and that is why he was looking down. Either that, or the fact that the little boys he is always hunting require him to look down, if you get what we mean.



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