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Bye Bye Marc Anthony: Jennifer Lopez’s Releases New Video “Papi”

Jennifer Lopez New Video Papi

Jennifer Lopez’s lead man-meat in the new video “Papi” is everything Marc Anthony isn’t… TaLL!! If you’ve been watching TV lately then you have already seen a sneak peek in the new Fiat commercial. Check out the full video below and tells us what you think…

Hate It or Love It?!?!

Iggy Azalea “P___Y” Music Video: Another White Girl Rapper, But Why The Black Kid In This Video? [Video]

This is way more vulgar and hard core than Kreayshawn, Continue »

David Banner’s New Jawn: A White Girl Calls Us N___A And We Just Sit Back And Laugh… We Call It SWAG [Video]

David Banner

David Banner’s new jawn “Swag” was released about a month ago and now he’s giving you a visual to go with it. The lyrics are not your typical sell a key – chop a hoe down – let’s do a bump type lyrics… It looks like he’s calling all these wack nasty rappers out but we’ll let you be the judge of that… Continue »

Frank Ocean “Thinking About You”

Tyrese Wants Taraji P. Henson To ‘Stay’

MTV VMA Interview And Freestyle With Chanel, Shanell, And We TRY Talking To Flo-Rida’s Pollack

At the VMA MTV Back Carpet… Bossip chats it up with Rob Dyrdek’s “Chanel” the white girl rapper-receptionist on the Fantasy Factory, Continue »

New Joe Music Video “Losing” [Video]


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