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Crotchy-licious: Rihanna Shows Her “Thang” In New Video


Never mind the patch. We’ve all seen Rihanna’s goods, already…so her putting her muffin on blast in her new video shoot is no surprise…

You know you still want to have a gander though…pop the top and see her put it on the glass “close up”… Continue »

New T.I. Video: Hell of a Life

TI peeping

TI has a new video for the song we debuted the other day, Hell of A Life. Like we said before, his PR is on the job with his face card while on lock down.

Pop it and watch it Continue »

Marques Houston Is Still Making Music??

Yeah, ole boy is still doing the darn thing. This is Marques Houston’s new jawn, ummm, “Case of You?”

Who is Checking For Marques in the 09? SMH

New Consequence Featuring The Grammy Family: “Whatever You Want” Video


“Consequence” is the D-List rapper on Kanye’s label that is making some pretty sick music, even though the crew has some WTF moments mixed in.

This one pops John Legend and Ye on the track with Cons… “The Grammy Family.” Pop it to watch it Continue »

New Birdman Featuring Lil Wayne & Drake “Money To Blow”

This is the new jawn from Birdman featuring Wayne and Drake, Money To Blow. These dudes are screaming out they have money to blow while people are losing jobs and places every day! The song is pretty fly, though.

Click Here to Watch

T-Boz’s Ex-Husband, Mack 10, Responds to Beating, Cheating & Mooching Claims in New Song “Mirror Mirror”


Mack 10, T-Boz’ ex-husband, has a new video for a song called, Mirror Mirror. In the second verse, he directs the whole thing towards T-Boz and admits to cheating, but not to Chris Brown’n her…  like she said he did in ESSENCE back in December.

Pop the top and peep Continue »

New Drake Featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem “Forever” Video

kanye forever

The “Forever” jam was a certified banger, but now the video is out to solidify that. Everyone is in it… Kanye, Wayne, and Em. Is it a hit or a miss? Well, we will let you be the judge of it.

Pop it and watch it Continue »

Plies New Video “Becky”


We told you yesterday that Plies makes some good hood-rat music… and most rats would agree. Today, your boy released the video for “Becky.”

Pop it and take a look Continue »

Behind the Scenes of Plies Video for “Becky”


Plies will not go down in history for his uplifting Hip-Hop, for being a good lyricist, nor will he be talked about when they mention the best MC’s of all time. However, Plies sure makes some good hood-rat music, doesn’t he?

Pop the top to see the making of the video “Becky” Continue »

Ruff Ryders Are Back With New Video: “Who’s Real” (Remix)


Eve, Drag-On, DMX and everyone else is in on this banger! When X kills the ending of the song, it sort of gives listeners a sense of all the MC’s being hungry again and having to drop dope flows.

Pop it and peep the clean new video Continue »

New Video: Whitney Houston “Million Dollar Bill”

whitmb copy

Flip the hood to see Whitney’s new video “Million Dollar Bill” and tell us if it’s a hit or miss.

Continue »

New Video: Whitney Houston “I Look to You”

whitney houston 010909

Whitney Houston just debuted her new video for “I Look to You” and it’s a classy look.

Pop the top and peep the video Continue »

SMH: Dirty Money – “Angels” Video


Diddy, Dawn, and Keelena’s new video “Angels” is finally here. Diddy tries his hand at singing. We will not say anything more.

Pop it…look and listen Continue »

Fabolous New Jawn: “Welcome to My Work Place” Fab Is Gangsta Now?


In Fabo’s new video, he takes it up a notch from “Holler Back Youngin.” We thought Fab was about the ladies, now he is baking crack rocks the size of tennis shoes?

Pop it to watch it…kind of explicit Continue »

New Mya Video Featuring Bun B “Show Me Something”


Mya’s new video looks kinda fly. We ain’t mad at her.

Pop it and peep the new video Continue »


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