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Ouch! Kourtney Kardashian Calls Kim’s Friend Jonathan One ‘Needy’ Dude! [Video]

Kourtney keeps it real with Kim about her pal Jonathan Cheban.  Continue »

Pure Comedy: Drive-Thru Dunkin Donuts Robber Gets Hot Decaf Directly To The Face

Watch this Connecticut robber drive off after getting his eyes doused with coffee! Continue »

Ratchet Reality Queen Mona Scott-Young Unleashes ‘Gossip Game,’ With Angela Yee, K.Foxx And Kim Osorio [Video]

Get More:
The Gossip Game

Check the promo for the upcoming series, out April 1 on VH1. Continue »

Bossip Lingo – Jank, Jawn, & Other J Words

Brush up on your Bocabulary. Continue »

You Can’t Be Serious: Girl Scouts Chase Teenage Thug For Swiping Hard-Earned Cookie Cash”

Peep this idiot’s face on video right before he takes off with little girl loot! Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Stylists Clash Over Who’s Got The Bigger Hookups! [Video]

Check out this StyleBlazer video on two beefing broads in the fashion industry. Continue »

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