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In White Folks News: Michael Lohan Claps Back At Joan Rivers For Talking Ish About Daughter Lindsay


Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael gives Joan Rivers a ginormous ‘ho sit down’ for talking ish about his daughter… Continue »

Who Is Our Rapper Daddy???

photo (32) (1)

Which raucous rapper could have possibly help create these cute kids? Continue »

Hate It Or Love It??? R. Kelly’s New Jawn “Genius” [Audio]


The Pied Piper is back to show the ladies just how big his…ego is… Continue »

No Hair, Don’t Care: 11 Female Celebrities Who Look Fabulous With A Buzz Cut

amber rose

I always look at women with buzz cuts as extremely bold and beautiful, mostly because I don’t have the courage to chop my hair off to such a low cut. Continue »

People Aint Isht: Mother Murders Autistic Son And 9-Year-Old Daughter After Losing Custody To Their Father

You can’t get much more heartless and pathetic than this. SMH. Continue »


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