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Police Caught On Camera Beating Man While He’s Having Psychotic Episode In Own Home! [Video]

Oh, the joooooys!

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Rocks: One-Time Arrested For Buying Yayo While On The Job And Telling Thugs Where The Police Are Hot [Video]

Protect and get served…

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Black Man Beaten By Police Officers On Tape Only Gets $125K And Silly Judge Wants To REHIRE The Guys! [Video]

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Power Hungry Pig Breaks Uncooperative Black Woman’s Window And Drags Her Out Car! [Video]

Being detained for a traffic infraction… Oh, the joys of being black!

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*Raw Footage* Is It OK For This Police Officer To Sock This 15-Year Old Kid Breaking Up A Fight In Clifton New Jersey? [Video]

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Jesus Take The Drugs! One-Time Pops 17 Texas Christian University Students And Football Players For Slangin’ Them Thangs! [Video]

TExas Christian University

SMH… We would have thought that at least the four football players would have learned something from watching Sam Hurd go down. Continue »

Modern Family Problems: Man With Black Granddaughter Claims He Was Cuffed By One-Time For “Babysitting While White”

Scott Henson and granddaughter Ty

So much for that post-racial America everyone thought Obama would usher in… Continue »