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Bangin Mamas: 15 Raciest Celeb Mom Magazine Looks


Capitalizing On Swirl Breakup: Joe Drops Music Video With Bootleg Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Called “If You Lose Her” [Video]

SMH @ The doped out Robin Thicke lookalike.

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Exclusive: “Where Is Paula Patton?” Part 2 [Video]

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Larenz Tate Talks Robin Thicke’s Simping “I Give A Damn About His Wife… Mine Is Right Here” [Video]

Larenz Tate is a “G” and at the 2014 BET Awards… he spit that real men talk when it comes to the Robin Thicke situation.

On The Market: Paula Patton Takes Off The Bra For New Photo Shoot [Video]

She’s as pale as a corpse!

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Snatched!: Paula Patton Hairstyles, 13 Chic Photos


Watch Robin Thicke Get Emotional Complimenting Couple At His Show Being Together 20+ Years [Video]

He’s going through something…

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