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SMH This Dude Ain’t ISHT… Gave Girlfriend’s Daughter Fatal Beating Because She Wouldn’t Eat Dinner!

Edgar Algarin, 26, leaving his arraignment at Bronx Criminal Court for murder and manslaughter of 3 year old Enidaliz Ortiz-Encarnacion,  his girlfriend, Antonia Encarnacion's daughter.

This ISHT for brains is the epitome of a bad boyfriend, epitome of a bad babysitter, epitome of a bad human being, epitome of a piece of fuggin ISHT!!! Continue »

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: 5-Year-Old Dies From Internal Injuries After Mom Beats Him For Breaking The T.V.

Undated photo of Jamar  (R) and Heaven Johnson. Their mother Kim Crawford is charged with murdering her son, Jamar Johnson.

This is just horrible. The precious lil boy pictured is 5-year-old Jamar Johnson, who died Friday from internal injuries. Continue »

End Of Days: These Floods In China Are No Effing Joke… 500K People Evacuated, Over 180 Reported Dead Or Missing

China Flood

Sh*t is real in China right now — there are currently over 40 miles of dikes in danger of overflowing in an eastern Chinese province where flooding has already cost some $1.2 billion in losses. Continue »

Tupac Back: Exclusive Interview With Tupac Shakur… Lookalike! [Video]

He doesn’t really… look… like Pac to us, but OK.

R.I.P.: Clarence Clemons Dies Of Stroke At 69

clarence clemmons

Clarence Clemons of the Bruce Springsteen E Street Band has passed away: Continue »

Who Is Our Non-Rapper Hip-Hop Daddy?

These two little ladies were their DJ daddy’s date to Tupac’s 40th Birthday Celebration in Atlanta last night. One of them used to tell you to “Pay Attention” over her daddy’s mixes. Can you guess who he is? Continue »

Happy Birthday: Tupac Amaru Shakur [PICS]

Today, Tupac would have turned 40 years old. Damn 15 years goes by fast! Continue »


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