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R.I.P. Leona Helmsley’s Pampered Pooch — Trouble — Dies Of Natural Causes After Receiving Death Threats Over $12 Million Inheritance

Leona Helmsley with Trouble

Millionaire maltese Trouble has joined the woman who left her a whopping $12 million inheritance on the other side. Continue »

Epitome Of A Bad “Step” Mother: Woman Pleads Guilty In Child’s Overdose Death

dana anderson child od death meth masia wright

Damn, people really need to watch what they leave “laying around” in kid friendly cups:

A woman accused of leaving methadone within reach of a toddler in November pleaded guilty Wednesday to aggravated manslaughter of a child. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Former Duke Player Jumped Off Roof Of NYC Athletic Club, Plunged To His Death

Thomas Emma is the president of Power Performance, Inc.

This is sad:

A former Duke University basketball team captain jumped to his death Tuesday from the roof Continue »

Sh*t Is Still Real For U.S. Troops In Iraq: Five Killed In Baghdad Base Bombing

US Soldiers in Iraq

Let this serve as a reminder of why we’re not rushing to go fight Syria, Lybia, Yemen, or anyone else’s battles. Continue »

R.I.P. Jessica Harris, Teen Helped By Brandy Dies Months After Heart Transplant

Brandy Jessica Harris

Less than four months after Brandy helped her raise the funds needed to get a heart transplant, 17-year-old Jessica Harris has passed away. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: 11-Year-Old Girls Falls To Her Death Off A Ferris Wheel

This is a parent’s worst nightmare. Continue »

Remembering Hip-Hop’s Forefather Gill Scott-Heron/ Public Viewing Today In NY

Gil Scott Heron

A public viewing is being held this evening for poet and musical great Gil Scott-Heron who died last Friday in New York City. Continue »


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