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Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Toya Carter & The Family Break A Ratings Record

Toya A Family Affair

Toya Carter’s life not based on being Weezy’s ex-wife is proving to be ratings gold for BET once again. Continue »

When The Checks Stop… Bravo Axes Real Housewives Of D.C.

Real Housewives of DC

At least one batch of attention whoring broads have been given the “Ho Sit Down” by Bravo. Continue »

NeNe And Her Tatas Chillin In Miami Again

NeNe Leakes enjoyed some snacks by the pool in Miami, Florida

NeNe Leakes took a break from running her mouth for some rest and relaxation poolside in Miami. Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Toya Carter Says She’s ‘Much More Than Just Weezy’s Baby Mama’

Antonia Carter

We can’t imagine why anyone would take issue with constantly being associated with a syrup slurping, blunt totin,’ ex-convict father of four (by four) with tattoos all over his face… Continue »

Poor Thang: Wendy Williams And Her Jacked Up Hooves Get Sent Home From Dancing With The Stars

Wendy Williams Dancing With The Stars

Between doing some serious damage to her feet and having to travel back and forth from NYC to LA almost daily for practice, Wendy Williams clearly sacrificed plenty for Dancing With The Stars. Continue »

Reality TV: Is “Dancing With The Stars” Rigged???

Kendra Wilkinson and Kirstie Alley compete on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars"

“Dancing With The Stars” has only gone through one elimination round so far, but rumor has it that Kirstie Alley and Kendra Wilkinson already have the competition sewed up! Continue »

Another Day, Another Reality Show About “Wives” And Such

Mob Wives Cast photo

We’re glad they’re diversifying Hood Nights (aka Sunday) on VH1… Continue »

Which Reality Star Just Dropped $1.7 Milli On This Crib???

Calabasas house

Here’s a hint: you probably hate her just a little more than her sisters. And her soon-to-be-fiance is the king of all douchelords. Was that obvious enough for ya? Continue »


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