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Seen On The Scene: Pusha T & Rosa Acosta Do G.O.O.D. Music Event In H-Town

pusha t rosa acosta

Pusha T and Rob Kardashian’s almost-baby-mama and bendy video model Rosa Acosta Continue »

Who Looked More Suspect?

Jesse Williams and Jay Sean Attend Launch Of Pharrell Williams' New Liquor "Qream"

Here are little man banger Jesse Williams and YMCMB’s only non-thug Jay Sean styling and profiling at an event for Pharrell’s “Qream.” Continue »

Welcome To The Puppy Show: Celebrities That Loooooove Their Cleavage

rosa acosta cleavage

The Internet is a wonderful land full of bare boobies. But when celebrities aren’t willing to bare all, they go for the closest thing Continue »

Which One Would You Hit?

Somaya Reece Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta’s celebrity friends came out to celebrate her birthday in L.A. last night, including vixen-turned-reality-TV-rapper Somaya Reece. Continue »

New Black And White Kids On The Block: XXL Freshmen Concert In NYC [Pics]

XXL held their Freshmen ’11 Concert this week and some of your favorite rappers (and cakes) were in attendance to put their muthafuggin’ hands in the air and wave ‘em like they just don’t care. Continue »

Snoop Has Rosa Acosta In His Colt 45 Video Too??? (Exclusive First Viewing) [Video]

SMH@Snoop Selling Colt 45 In Shiny Cans… Like It’s A Fruit Drink.

Seen On The Scene: Rosa Acosta, Charli Baltimore, And Jessica White Party In NYC

A gang of folks were in the building for Jessica Rosenblum’s belated birthday party in NYC. Even Charli Baltimore crawled out Continue »

Some ‘Domingo Gigante’ Latina Cakes

For those of you with a taste for something exotic, enjoy our presentation of some tasty latina cakes. Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin?

Amerie Rosa Acosta

Amerie, her big azz rock and Rosa Acosta were spotted in Miami celebrating Amerie’s little sister’s birthday. Continue »

Exclusive New Black Kid On The Block: Raekwon Signs Off On “Six” The Rapper As Future Plus Shoot With Rosa Acosta! [Video]

SIX is in negotiations with Atlantic & Universal right now and we are rooting for the young brother. His music is dope… and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

Click Here To Peep The HHW Exclusive Video With SIX And Rosa Acosta!!!

Some Monday Motorboat-Worthy Action

Avonte Wright, Rosa Acosta and Shakur at NeYo's release party

Rosa Acosta has been kind of missing in action lately so we thought we’d post a few shots of her and friends. Continue »

Where Is Kim Porter?

Tammy Torres Rosa Acosta Quincy Brown and Shakur

Last night Kim Porter made her mark on the Los Angeles nightlife by holding her first event over at Voyeur. Continue »

Some Afternoon Birthday Backs

Shakur L.A. night line

Happy Birthday to Shakur!!! We just discovered that the crotchylicious little lady is celebrating being a year older and hopefully more banging. Check out some shots of her and BFF Rosa Acosta at a rooftop photo shoot for their new jewelry campaign. Continue »

New Black Kid On The Block: Rosa Acosta Is Tweeting About “SIX” [Video]

Bossip: So, Rosa Acosta was tweeting about you. How old are you- 20

SIX. 20

Bossip: How long have you been pursing your music?

Six: Since I was 16. But I moved to LA from The Bay Area and I met my label owner Mack YOLO Music Group LLC

Bossip: That’s our boy Christopher Mykel Monroe. Your New Ep your dropping with DJ iLL WiLL & DJ ROCKSTAR is titled “TEENAGE WASTELAND.” Why that title?

SIX: I was recording and dropped a line saying ” Teenage wasteland Hollywood Playground ” My Manager Mack was like name the Ep ” TEENAGE WASTELAND” and it fit. Teenage Wasteland Is a state of mind that most of today’s youth live by so I just touch on topics that are directed to those individuals.

Bossip: In your music you have a variety of street and great cross over appeal. What are some of your musical influences?

SIX: I remember I got into trouble at school and my Mom took me to see The Jay-Z Black Album movie. She recited every line word for word. I was like that’s crazy that someone could have that effect on a person through words. My mom always played hip hop. I grew up with the greats Tupac Biggie and Jay-Z.

Bossip: “Phlo Finister” is a New Kid on The Block Alum for Bossip… how did you connect with her?

SIX: Our manager just introduced us and the rest is history “Take a Breath”and “Invisible” are dope records. She inspired me to be more open with my art form. Phlo is dope.

Bossip: What can the world expect from Six?

SIX: Six

Click Here to Hear The Kid’s Music!


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