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Trey Trey Made Rosa Say Ahhh For Her Birthday… But Guess Who He Went Home With Instead?

Rosa Acosta had a birthday celebration at NJ hotspot Deko with Trey Songz last night but you’ll never guess who Trey Songz went home with instead.

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Twitter Files: Rosa Acosta Puts ‘Em Up! Titillating Beauty Tackles Modeling, Maino And More…

THANK YOU Rosa Acosta for sharing your bountiful blessings via Twitter this Saturday!!! We were hoping for some cakes but this will do… Pop the hood for two “titillating” shots along with video of Rosa talking about Maino, Omarion and her struggle with anorexia Continue

**Exclusive**Bossip Tweets It Up With Rosa Acosta On Threesomes, Freaky Fits, And Rob Kardashian

Rosa Acosta, one of the hottest chicas in the ‘modeling’ game right now took time out from her booty posing to tweet it up with Bossip about everything under the sun…Continue…

Damn, Who Knew That Rob Kardashian Was Such A Mack Daddy??

Rob Kardashian kinda has that Nick Cannon “I’m sorta dorky, but hot chicks dig me” steez going on. He’s currently “dating” Angela Simmons, and now we have some pics of him kicking it with models Rosa Acosta and Shakur.

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Which One Would You Hit???? Cake Smörgåsbord Edition

This one here is strictly for the fellas. Here are some exclusive BOSSIP photos of some of the hottest broads on the “video vixen” circuit today. Shakur, Rosa Acosta, Avonte, and Suelyn Medieros “cake to cake” and behind the scenes for their “prestigious” Black Men Magazine photo shoot.

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Some Morning Valentine’s Cakes…

If your Valentine’s Day was lonely and boring, Rosa Acosta has just the solution for you. Pop the hood for her late Valentine’s Day cakes special… Continue »

More D-List Love: Omarion And Rosa Acosta Spotted In Vegas

Omarion and Rosa Acosta were coupled up for JM “Just Models” magazine Super Bowl bash in Vegas.  We guess this is the way D-Lister’s do it big when Miami isn’t an option SMH.

Apparently they weren’t the only D-listers on the scene, pop the top for exclusive pics of Al B. Sure, Too Short and others. Continue »

Attention Whores: Rosa Acosta Helps Bring the “Prestigious” King Magazine Back

Rosa Acosta was spotted in NYC hotspot M2 for the relaunch of the “prestigious” King Magazine.  Of course she was trying her hardest to be the center of attention but failed as usual. Poor thang.

We wonder where her little “man” Omarion is… 

More flicks of Rosa under the hood. Continue »

D-List Love: Omarion and Rosa Acosta Celebrate His New Album

Omarion’s album release party went down at Club Element in NYC last night and he celebrated coupled up with Rosa Acosta, family and friends.

We guess that’s the only way to kick it when you get no industry love. More flicks of Omarion’s wack album release party under the hood. Continue »

Some Morning Smut

The “prestigious” King Magazine is back in full effect, and they one of the best hoes in the game right now, Rosa Acosta, gracing the cover.

Pop the hatch to have a nice gander of Rosa and her “stuff” on blast… Continue »

Soulja Boy & Trina in Jamaica… TOGETHER!!!

Soulja Boy4

They say you can’t believe everything you hear but what about EVERYTHING YOU SEE??? Soulja Boy is down in Jamaica for a show and on his down time, he took Trina for a ride. Don’t believe us??? Of course you don’t…

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Soulja Boy Getting Married… WTF

soulja boy

We’re hearing Soulja popped the question to his video chick girlfriend last week but of course they’re keeping it on the low.

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