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Out Of Pocket: Rush Limbaugh “President Obama Is Having An O-gasm Because The Pope Is Ripping U.S.” [Video]

This guy!
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Get Them Some Water, The Thirst Is Real: Celebrities Who Do The Absolute Most For Attention

Publicity thirsts

These are celebrities who want attention. They’ve talked crazy, acted a fool, lied, or shown every ounce of what God gave them in the hope that you’ll care.

Senator John McCain Says Rush Limbaugh’s Slut Comments Were Out Of Pocket And “Totally Unacceptable” [Video]

john mccain rush limbaugh

John McCain says Rush Limbaugh’s weak little apology and comments were totally out of pocket: Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Rush Limbaugh Accuses Michelle Obama Of Uppity-ism

Rush Limbaugh Michelle Obama

Everybody knows that if there is one thing racist wanksters detest, it’s an “uppity negro”! Continue »


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