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Flashback Friday: What I Learned From the Top 15 Black Love Movies


Who Looked More Bangin?


Obviously these bangers attended two very different events. Continue »

Don’t Hold Your Breath: 15 Celebrities Who Will Probably Never Have Nekkid Pictures Leaked

If you’re waiting to see any of these celebs in their birthday suits, you’ll probably be waiting a while… Continue »

Kiss & Makeup: 17 Bold, Wearable Celebrity Makeup Looks


WCW: 15 Sultry Sanaa Lathan Moments


L.A. Hair Exclusive Preview With The Gorgeous Sanaa Lathan [Video]

That Sanaa is one fine woman.

Continue »

Famous Black Women You Probably Didn’t Know Attended Ivy League Schools



From Shonda Rhimes to Lauryn Hill, the women on this list attended for a while and/or graduated from some of the top ivy league colleges in the country.

What Happened There? The Origins Of Celebrity Scars


Here are the origins of these well-known celebrity scars.


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