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Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards (Photo Gallery)

willow smith jaden smith Nickelodeon's 24th Annual Kids' Choice Awards at Galen Center

The Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards went down yesterday in LA, and everyone came out… Continue »

Shante Broadus (Boss Lady) Tells Bossip About Separation With Snoop, Chocolate’s Lupus, And Her Boys Swirling!

BOSSIP recently sat down with Shante Broadus aka “Boss Lady” about everything involving her family including separation with Snoop as well as their children: Continue »

Cori’s Illness Saved Snoop And Shante’s Matrimony-dom

Snoop Dogg and Wife Shante

Although your boy Snoop is typically one of the usual suspects in the “Isn’t He Married???” category, it appears that his marriage is ‘doing well’ due to little Cori:

Snoop Dogg has credited his daughter Cori’s battle with lupus with bringing the rapper closer to his wife Shante, insisting the life-threatening illness helped to save their faltering marriage. Continue »

Isn’t He Married?

Snoop Dogg Performs in Paris Surrounded by young girls

Snoop Dogg was havin’ enough fun in Paris to definitely let the homies have some. In France to perform live, Snoop seemed to be having a great time smoking and drinking in the club amongst plenty of young ladies. Only one thing — Isn’t He Married??? Pop the hood for more shots Continue »

Shante Broadus Speaks With S2S: “When Snoop Wanted To Divorce Me, He Asked Me What He Should Do???”

"Shante Broadus Covers Sister 2 Sister Magazine"

Snoop Dogg… Behind every great man, they say there is a great woman and for Snoop Dogg it’s his wife, Shante Broadus. In the latest issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, Shante Broadus graces the cover. She breaks down what it’s like to be Snoop’s wife and what life was like when her marriage was on the road to divorce.

Pop the Top for More Details Continue »

Snoop Dogg Is Officially An “Old Head,” His Son Just Turned 16

"Corde Broadus celebrated his 16th birthday with an 80's style party including a shelltoe cake"

Happy Birthday to Corde Broadus, Snoop’s oldest son, who had an “80’s Style” Birthday party this weekend to celebrate turning 16. Pop the hood for more shots Continue »

Snoop and The Boss Lady Do Hawaii

Snoop Dogg and his wife “The Boss Lady” were seen in Hawaii getting their holiday vacay on. SMH at his facial expression…

Make sure you pop the hatch to see Snoop’s skinny little chicken legs looking like they’re the same size as Shante’s arm… Continue »

Snoop and Shante Hit Up the Lakers Game and Brian McKnight is Caught Swirlin’

Christmas didn’t stop Snoop and Shante from coming to watch the Lakers lose to the Cavaliers. One thing we noticed about the boss lady are those extra set of hips she got for Christmas. There was also a little holiday swirl courtesy of Brian McKnight and Khloe with her man glow supporting her life partner from the sidelines.

Pop the Top for a Peek Continue »

Hey Snoop, The Lady in the Picture is the Only Woman that You’re Supposed to be Taking Pictures With!!!

Snoop Dogg and his wife, Shante Broadus, were coupled up at the 10th Anniversary Party for Travis Barker’s company, Famous Stars and Straps. This past summer, Snoop was caught on camera with his french skank. Bet that won’t happen again.

Pop the Hood for  Tila Tequila doing what she does best… Attention Whoring!!!

Continue »


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