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Tasha Talks Beating Suzie Down – Basketball Wives [Video]

Suzie Ketcham Says She ‘Punked’ Tasha Marbury! – Basketball Wives [Video]

Suzie‘s getting tough all of a sudden… Continue »

Chit Chatter: Shaunie O’Neal Speaks On Evelyn’s Relationship With Chad, Tami Being Defensive, And Stevie & Joseline


Shaunie give her two cents on what’s been going on with the cast members that she has left… Continue »

Which One Would You Wife? The Ladies Of “Basketball Wives” Season 4

Glam shot Basketball Wives Season 4

Basketball season has been in effect since Christmas, but now it’s time for the real games to begin! Continue »

Royce Proves She Has A Degree… In Baby Mama Drama

Royce Reed

We’ve got to admit that we love how Royce hasn’t stopped poppin’ big isht ever since she’s been on the outs with the “cool kids.” Continue »

Who Is Our Reality TV Mommy???

Who Is Our Mommy?

These three little ones have never co-starred with their mom and her CelebReality castmates. And neither has their dad. Can you guess who their mommy is? Continue »

Shaunie O’Neal And VH1 Finally Found Two More Married Broads For “Basketball Wives”

Juli Richmond Kimberli Russell Basketball Wives Season 2

Shaunie finally convinced two happily married women to join the cast of Basketball Ex’s and Baby mamas. Continue »

Shaunie O’Neal Comes Back Like ‘Return Of The Jedi’ On Matt Barnes!!!

Shaunie O'Neal

Shaunie O’Neal isn’t trippin off Matt Barnes and his little Twitter rants and she said as much in an interview earlier today. That’s not all she was talkin about either. Shaunie cleared the air about Gloria Govan’s involvement with the show, infidelity in her marriage and the next season of “Basketball Wives”. Pop the hood to listen Continue »


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