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What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Joey B. dirty mackin’ his way back into the White House… Continue »

Breaking News: Danny Glover Hauled In By The Five-Oh As “Veep” Stands By

"Danny Glover"

Death At A Funeral star, Danny Glover, got the cuffs slapped on him at a labor protest in Maryland. Also, SEIU President Andy Stern sure looks like Vice President Joe “I Dropped An F-Bomb On You” Biden in this shot, don’t he? Pop the hood. Continue »

Obama’s Site Has Some Fun With Biden’s Potty Mouth

"Obama T-shirt"

Gotta love a White House with a sense of humor. Organizing For America is hawking this shirt, which pokes fun at Vice President Biden’s F-bomb. Pop the hood. Continue »

Kickin’ Back with an Old E. and a Duece Duece King Cobra at the White House


Dr. Gates and Ol’ Crowley kicked it with President Obama in the Rose Garden and talked out their beef over a 40oz Old E and a duece duece King Cobra. Everything should be squashed at this point. We HOPE thats the case!!! Continue »


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