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NBA 2K12: 10 Rappers As The Perfect 2012 NBA All-Star Team

NBA 2K12 is being called the best basketball game and one of the best overall sporting games of all time. Continue »

Avoiding The Sophomore Slump: 9 Rappers Who Will Have Successful 2nd Albums

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Would You Hit Either Of These Broads???

Melyssa Ford and Aubrey O'Day Attend Launch Of New NUVO Lemon Sorbet

Here are renowned class acts Melyssa Ford and Aubrey HO’Day celebrating the lauchn of NUVO’s new Lemon Sorbet drink and the release of the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. Continue »

Mixtape: Wale – The Eleven One Eleven Theory

The Bossip BoomBox

Bow Wow

Bow Wow – Club Play
As he gears up for his next mixtape and album, Bow Wow decided to record an ode to one of his favorite South Beach hot spots (and ours)

Wale – Bad Girls Club feat. (and produced by) J. Cole
We were really excited about this one… sigh.

Azeem – Hurricanes + Tornadoes feat. Carlos St. John
Once we realized this wasn’t a rap song, it made it much easier for us to give newcomer Azeem a shot. And we’re glad we did. Can’t wait to hear more.

Carl Thomas – It Ain’t Fair
Yes! Carl Thomas is dropping a new album in October called “Conquer”!!! This is the third song we’ve heard so far and so far we have no complaints.

Keke Palmer – The Greatest
We have to admit: looking at little miss Keke, this isn’t quite what we expected her singing voice to sound like. But this is a nice song nonetheless: easy on the ears + a nice little positive message for the kids. We’re not mad at all! Sing yo song, Akeelah!

The Bossip Boombox

Michelle Williams Destiny's Child

Michelle Williams – Love Gun
Yes, as you can see, we do mean Michelle Willaims from Destiny’s Child. You knew all this “reunion talk” was gonna mean a good secular music look for her… even if it meant taking the song away from one of the other two broads.

Sterling Simms – Mary Jane & Cabernet
As the Summer Of Remixes pushes on, the homie Sterling Simms becomes the first artist to tackle Big Sean’s “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay.” If you enjoy this, make sure you download Sterl’s new mixtape “July’s Finest” when it drops next week.

Tiffany Evans – You Get No Love
Tiffany Evans is ready for the world to see her as a grown up. And this song will probably do the trick… once it’s mixed or whatever. Because right now, it’s a little hard to get through, even though we like it.

Angel Haze – Jungle Fever (remix) ft. Das Racist
We hear from people who we trust on these matters, that Angel Haze is the next female rapper with the potential to change/revitalize the game. And she’s kicking off that journey on a daring foot: yes, this is a remix of THAT “Jungle Fever.”

Wale – 1st Class feat. Big Sean and B.o.B.
Like it for more than just the fact that it’s these three guys. Don’t dislike it just because of that either. Because this is Wale, Big Sean & B.o.B. minus the labels or the attempt to make anyone like them.

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John West "Right Now" produced The Ste

John West – Right Now
Whenever a new artist gets signed to a label and we love the first single, we always hold our breath for single number two. Because it could go either way. In this case, we’re still loving John West. (Shout out to on premiering this joint)

DJ Khaled ft. Fabolous, Mary J. Blige & Jadakiss – It Aint Over Til It’s Over

Khaled brought back the Mary J. Blige we LOVE on this joint. The “P.S.K. What Does It Mean?” sample with Fabolous and Jadakiss patterning their delivery after the original solidify this joint as a summer classic. Remember we said that when your local radio station starts playing this joint 15 times a day.

Bertell – Simply Beautiful

Newcomer Bertell takes a crack at remaking this often sampled Al Green classic. And the young man does Reverend Al proud. If you’re a Mary J. Blige fan, you’ll remember it as the foundation of her song “PMS” from the “No More Drama” album. If you’re a fan of the magic that Kanye West and Talib Kweli make together, than you’ll remember the sample from “Good To You” off of the “Quality” album. Ladies, click here, watch Bertell, pretend he’s singing to you.

Wale – That Way feat. Jeremih & Rick Ross

This song just hit the radio in some markets, even though it’s been online for about a month now. But we felt it necessary to tell Wale that THIS is what he needs to do more of. Y’all pass the word along, please.

Tabi Bonney – Parachute

Here’s another example of those easy rap joints you can just throw in a playlist and bump effortlessly. The kinda song that just blends into whatever you’re doing… but in a good way.

*Exclusive* Maybach-Maybach-Maybach Music BET Red Carpet Interview! [Video]

Are You Feelin’ Ricky Rozay’s Silky Colorful And Young Fitting Getup?

Maybach Music Group visits 106 & Park on May 22, 2011 in New York City.

Rick Rawse “Like Sauce” and his Maybach Music Group cohorts appeared on BET’s “106 & Park” show Monday to promote their new album Self-Made Continue »

Which One Would You Hit?? Officer Ricky “Man-T*tty” Rozay Vs. French Montana

rick ross and french montana

Here is Rick Ross and French Montana at the Maybach Music Group Self Made Vol.1 Album Listening Party last night in NYC. Continue »


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