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Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife: Hundreds Of Convicted Murderers And Violent Criminals To Be Released From Prison In Texas Effective Immediately

Everything is bigger in Texas…but their population of prisoners is about to get a whole lot smaller… Continue »

Michigan Woman Admits To Helping Her Husband Sexually Abuse Their 3-Year-Old Daughter!

arrest handcuffs

An ain’t isht daddy AND an epitome of a bad mother…at the same damn time! Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Shoots Himself To Death In Wife’s Hospital Room After She Gives Birth

Of all the places and days for this man to take his own life… Continue »

Mariah Carey Tells Oprah A Childhood Story About Getting Spit On In Racist Attack On A School Bus!

Mariah Carey

It’s sad that people would act that ugly… Continue »