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Random Ridiculousness: Man Tapes Fireworks To His Lips….And Then Lights Them

Some people reeeaallly need to get out more. The guy in this video is one of them. Continue »

Friday Foolery: Parents Upset Over ‘Gangsta Claus’ Character In School Play Who Gets Murked In The End


This might be some of the most buffonerific stuff we’ve ever heard…. Continue »

Ivy League Fawkery: Harvard Student Fakes Bomb Threat To Avoid Taking Final Exams

Don’t be fooled. It’s not all 4.0s and chess club meetings at Harvard…. Continue »

Lawsuits: Mother Of 12-Year-Old Found Driving Alone Suing Police Department For Invading Her Home & Using Stun Gun On Her

These officers did the most and now they just might have to pay up… Continue »


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