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They Shootin’! 15 People Catch Slugs (Including Kids) As 100 Shots Were Fired At Miami Nightclub “The Spot” [Video]

Wait, KIDS?!?! Continue »

WTF??? Japanese Publisher Releases Condom Cookbook


Wrap it up…then broil it at 450?? Continue »

Shook Ones: Terrified Half-Nekkid “Sparkle” Actress Hides On Her Roof From Psycho Home Invader [Video]

They wildin’ out in Cali… Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Alabama Toddler Drowns In Church Baptism Tank


This is truly a sad story… Continue »

DGAF: Rihanna Is All Smiles In The Midst Of Nekkid Photo Leak [VIDEO]

Well…we’ve seen it all before anyway. Continue »


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