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Phuck Yo Fruit!! Man Faces Charges For “Aggressively ” Stabbing Watermelon

WATERMELONDRUGSWeeelll….better a piece of fruit than a person, right? Continue »

Did Christina Milian Run Jas Prince Off Of Instagram?

CMilli Jas Feat

Tina’s tune-up may have been too much embarrassment for Jas Prince to bear… Continue »

True Or False? MMG Rapper Fat Trel’s Scorned Baby Mama Claims He Is Smashing Blac Chyna Behind Tyga’s Back

Tyga and Blac Chyna arrive to watch the Clippers [USA ONLY]

Say it ain’t so! Those two look like such a wholesome, faithful couple… Continue »

In “Please Hush” News: Kimmy Cakes Says Women Can Balance Work And Motherhood Just Like She Does If They Prioritize


Because it’s hard getting your hair and makeup done daily while nannies watch your child… Continue »

Chubby Chowder: New Survey Reveals Which Fast Food Chains Are The Best And Worst Out There


It’s levels to this fast food isht. Continue »


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