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Behind The Hacks: Just HOW Do All These Nekkid Celeb Snaps Keep Hitting The Interwebs? [VIDEO]

How can celebs (and regular folks) protect themselves? Continue »

Hate Someone? Now You Can Pay To Have a Box Of Isht Sent To Their House! [VIDEO]

This is some petty mess right here… Continue »

Watch Ya Mouth: Woman Snatches Bartender’s Teeth Out For Sleeping With Her Husband


He liked the baaar-tenderrr (T*Pain voice)… Continue »

Madea Files A Restraining Order: Tyler Perry Sues Alleged Stalker After Unexpected Drop-In — Through The Ceiling


This man must have a script he really needs put on the screen… Continue »

Wife Swap: Wall Street Investor’s Wife Steps Forward With Claims He Pimped Her Out In Business Exchanges


This stuff sounds like a new-age “Wolf of Wall Street” Continue »


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