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Gayest Video Ever: This Is Lil B’s Brain On Drugs!


Lil B releases a new video rocking women’s costume jewelry and the first line of lyrics are “The Rap Game Is Getting Shady”! Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Who In The Hell Rides Around With A Horse In The Backseat???

Horse in a Car

There are NO WORDS for why someone would put a horse in the backseat of their car… Continue »

Khia Can’t Be Serious: What’s Wrong With This Video???

"Khia's Interview with ABC News"

Khia hit up ABC News to talk about her new single “Been a Bad Girl” and her tour. This has to be considered one of the fakest interviews anyone has ever seen. Pay attention to the lady interviewing Khia, is she playing her to the left or is she making fun of her???

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What Is Wrong With This Video???: Nicki Minaj Backing It All Up On Lil Wayne

"Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj in Knockout"

Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj are close, this is a known fact but we didn’t know that got down like this!!! How Many of You Think Lil Wayne has Chopped Nicki Down?!?!

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What Is Wrong With This Video?!??

"Worst DJ Ever"

We found this video called “The Worst DJ Ever”… At first we didn’t understand and you probably won’t either from just looking at the pic above. All we can say is… This Woman Should Feel Violated but then again, the dude probably does it to her all the time!!!

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What Is Wrong With This Picture?!?!

Easter Sunday Hair Style

WHY!!! WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS?!?! It is completely okay to get into the holiday spirit but this is not acceptable at all.

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Say Hello To My Little Friend

This little boy is not just playing with a toy gun, he’s acting out the role of Tony Montana, Al Pacino’s character from Scarface. While the film is undoubtedly a classic, we were disturbed that elementary school students would ever be asked to act out such adult content. Click the jump to watch and make sure to tell us “What’s Wrong With This Video???” Continue

DAMN YOU BEYONCE!!!!: What Is Wrong With This Video?!?!

Out of all the foolishness that is out there, we just came across these three guys dancing to “Naughty Girl”. Now the only person that we can blame for this is Beyonce… DAMN YOU!!!

What is Wrong With This Video?!?!? Continue »

Coupled Up: Rihanna and Matt Spotted At Her Birthday Party

More pics from Rihanna’s birthday bash have surfaced. Her beau Matt Kemp was in the building for the party along with a dancing midget.  Pop the top for more flicks and a vid. Continue »

The Marquee Club Rapist Caught On Camera Wrestling A Female Off The Premises

This video shows you how the Marquee Club rapist works his magic. He basically picks the most drunk girl there and carry’s her out like he is helping. SMH

Waiting to Exhale

Posted by Bossip Staff


This round-n-brown thang right here is Ashanti’s sister, Shia. And as you can see, she’s about to pass the f*ck out, all for the purpose of trying not to look like how she’s going to look in the pics to follow anyway. Ladies, if you gotta do all that, it’s just not meant to be. Embrace it.

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