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Where Are My Parents? Madonna’s 15-Year Old Daughter Rocks Cone Bra

Guess this apple didn’t fall too far Continue »

Where Are My Parents??? 9 Year-Old Boy Found Drunk And Barely Conscious On The Playground

9 yr old found drunk on the playground

SMH at him getting vodka from a 13-year-old peer: Continue »

Twitpic Of The Day: What In The Hell Is Little Willow Doing???

Willow Smith Tweets Photo Of Herself On A Vegas Stripper Pole

Yes. That is Willow Smith. On a stripper pole. In Vegas, no less. Continue »

This Is The Face Of A Sick, Pathetic, Disgusting, Depraved, Desperate Woman

Woman Confesses To Performing Sex Act On 7-Year-Old Girl So Her Boyfriend Would Leave His Wife

Every time we come across one of these “Jesus Take The Wheel” stories, we think “nothing could ever turn our stomachs and disgust us even more.” Continue »

Which NBA Champion Is About To Pay To Send This Young Lady To Rehab Again???

Even with the NBA lockout, this young lady’s dad wrapped up the best year of his career in 2011. But while he was on the court winning, she was off doing hoodrat isht with her friends and developing a drug habit. Can you guess whose child this is? Continue »

What The Hell??? Freakazoid Sentenced To Two Years In Jail For Spanking Women He Was Supporting Financially

Henry Allen Fitzsimmons

Sounds like somebody let their fetish get out of control… Continue »


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